in my Stitchy Dreams

As 2018 rushes to a close, I have such a sense of excitement for the next chapter in our story. To turn that happy restlessness into something productive, I’ve invited myself to dream a little dream of what I might stitch up in 2019…

No. 1 Something bright and happy

My quilting palette has been tiptoeing on the dark side. I’m eager to embrace something much, much, much brighter. These Tula Pink tent stripes are spot on for cheery!

Tula Pink Tent Stripes. Stitched in Color.jpg

No. 2. Scrappy, scrappy, scrappy!

I have been intentionally sewing from more new yardage than is typical for me, and that trend will continue into 2019. That’s because I expect to be reliant on scraps for awhile after our move. I’m feeling some withdrawal, so next time I find myself free, I’ll be returning to my scraps in the form of a new Dear Dottie quilt.

Dear Dottie quilt.jpg

By popular request, a pattern shall be forthcoming! And it shall be a Color Mentor pattern, to help you emulate my use of color and value, should you like.


No. 3. A new EPP Stitch-Along

Wasn’t the Kingfisher Stitch-Along just a blast this year? I think we need to do that again. I’m thinking June-July-August because summer is perfect for portable English Paper Piecing!

No. 4 Other Quilt-along or Tutorials?

One of the downsides of being a more experienced quilter is that I don’t see the opportunities to make tutorials as easily as I did when I was a beginner. Running The Big Bed Quilt-Along really helped me tune into things I could teach you. I’m open to adding a new quilt-along or doing some a la carte tutorials in 2019. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m wondering if it might be nice to play Penny Patch again? I have some updates to make to the pattern.

Vintage Tangerine Penny Patch quilt. Stitched in Color.jpg

No. 5 Another Doodle quilt please

I haven’t really felt like improv piecing lately, and I’m not sure why. When I look back at my improv quilt series based on Sherri Lynn Wood’s book, my favorite is Doodle, Doodle. The concept was to create whatever block struck your fancy, until you got bored. Then move on! The quilt was a collection of flow all in vibrant Freespirit solids.

Naomi Grebe on longarm. Stitched in Color.jpg

Right now I have an amazing quilt on the longarm by Naomi Grebe. It reminds me of Doodle, Doodle, but in a sampler sort of way. This strikes me as a great project for a time of transition. All I need is a box of solids and my basic tools!

No. 6 Finish my Brave quilt

Nope, I haven’t forgotten. Before our move, I do pledge to finish my Brave quilt and gift it to a brave friend. It’ll happen.

Word progress.jpg

No. 7 Subscribe to Quiltfolk or at least Try an Issue

Quiltfolk is an advertising-free quilting magazine that I’m so curious to see. Everything I’ve read about it is really impressive, but I’ve never seen an issue in person, which makes me hesitate to subscribe. I think it’s high time I buy a single issue to get my feet wet. I know this is not actually sewing, but it’s definitely related.


No. 8 Get back to Handsewing

With my longarm, finishing quilts is faster than ever. Sometimes I surprise myself by how quickly an idea can come to fruition, leaving me open to the next creative craving. Still, there’s something nourishing about slow, methodical projects too. Something to be gained by their gradual labor of love. In the new year I hope to revive a habit of slow sewing. I’m thinking a side project like hand quilting or an embroidery hoop. My first step is to pick up the one I left off months ago. Hexie flowers, I’m looking at you…

New Hand Stitching.jpg

At this year-end season are you warmed with anticipation for the next? Sometimes reality is not so kind, not so conducive to dreams. But, no matter your situation, I invite you to give yourself one or two lovely goals in and amidst the practical ones. It’s good for all our hearts.

Dream a little with me?