Bright + Shady: a mosaic contest

woven textiles from Turkey, Thailand and India, photo by  Arya Kamath

woven textiles from Turkey, Thailand and India, photo by Arya Kamath

Slow down a minute, my friend, and ponder with me in color...

In the dark, the lights are shining - bright twinkling fairy lights, the flood of a porch light, and inside, a warm glowing hearth. Even while the holidays jingle along, pulling us everywhere to and fro, the lights beckon us home.

Let’s weave a story that’s colorful and bright, as joyful as a toddler’s Christmas and cozy as the night.

Bright and Shady.

Bright for the gifts and the laughter and the fresh start to come.

Color upon color for our love of making, our innermost artsy selves.

Shady for the drama of life, its ebb and flow, its birth and death. See how the light shines in the darkness? The bright and the dark mingle, like all this year’s highs and lows, to create something of value. Something as ordinary as it is lovely.

Maybe a little less shade for a little one’s year, so sweet and new and good. But bright and shady still…

So let down your hair and dive into color. Make it funky, make it bright. Add a spice of cloudy days and sleepless nights to make your quirky color story glow, with contrast and with victory and with truth.

Carefully craft your mosaic of 9 fabrics from among the offerings at Quilt Sandwich. Choose fabrics to express your interpretation of Bright + Shady.

Once you have chosen your fabrics, use Mosaic MakerBeFunky or the photo collage tool of your choice to create your mosaic.  Save images from Quilt Sandwich then upload them to a collage maker to create a mosaic of 9 fabrics total.

To enter the contest, add your mosaic image to our collection here.  If it suits you, link to a blog post or Instagram capture explaining your choices - that helps us spread the word about our contest.  Anyone can enter, anywhere in the world.

Add your mosaic by midnight December 30th.  You can make up to 2 mosaics!  On Monday the 31st, I'll open voting.  We'll have two winners!  The 2 Top Mosaics will earn a complete fat quarter set of their mosaic fabrics!!!  Winners announced January 3rd..