between Friends

So, it’s a good thing I started this week with gratitude, because it’s not been an easy one! You know how social media makes it seem like life is constantly coming up roses? Let me take you behind-the-scenes:

*On Monday I scrambled to finish those potholders before dark so that I’d meet my first week’s blogging deadline. I am committed to a consistent blogging schedule in fairness to my advertisors.

Potholder Gifts. Stitched in Color.jpg

*On Tuesday I discovered that the check spring on my longarm had broken. Do you know how I found out? The hard way. I had to pull out rows of quilting because of tension issues! Rows! My poor cramped hand!

*On Wednesday I found that a zipper was broken on a pillow I was supposed to ship. It’s one of my Tag Sale pillows. Oops! Didn’t have time to repair it right away, because occupied with catch-up quilting.

*I wasn’t able to get it together to post yesterday. day. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I live by rhythms and this one was off.

*Today I finished basting a customer’s quilt only to realize I’d used the wrong batting. Sigh. Undo and redo, my friends. At least it was still early.

Juki reverse handle.jpg

*Sat down at my Juki to repair that zipper and, would you believe it, the reverse-sewing lever is broken. Seriously! It’s stuck at halfway so the machine will only sew in place. This is not my week.

*Also, I’ve been potty training Rora this week. Enough said.

Wow, if you made it through that you must be a true friend. One of the best things about friends is that you can share the good and the bad, and they don’t take off running. Haha!

New solid fabrics.jpg

Let’s end with a positive note. Last night my violet Paintbrush Solids fabric arrived from Pineapple Fabrics. It’s exactly what the quilt needed! And thanks for your many recommendations on my “stuck” post. After adding the violet, I decided to take out the yellow and add in a cream solid, based on a collection of your ideas.

Warm, Girly quilt color scheme.jpg

The end result is exactly right! The color scheme feels simple and strong, even if it embodies my color nemeses: purple and orange. I think this’ll look great with Aria’s aquamarine version.

Triangle quilt with Ombre Confetti.jpg

Excited to show you both finished next week, I think!