for me + for baby

Guess what?  I made a new practice top "muslin", and it came out pretty great on the first try! 

On the recommendation of many friends, I purchased the Josephine top pattern by Made by Rae.  Rae's patterns have options for an A/B cup or a C/D cup.  How convenient!  I measured between sizes (medium vs. large), but decided to cut a medium C/D cup since that is the size I normally wear.  With some unpicking, I was able to re-use half of that pink "muslin" fabric and had just enough. 


When I put it on, it fit beautifully across the bust, shoulders and neckline!  Oh my gosh, it's a miracle!!  But when I reached down to pick something off the floor, it felt tight under the arms and slightly across the back.  That's the in-between size thing, I'm sure.

I figured I could either cut the arm opening larger, removing some fabric near the side seam area, or I could add fabric at the side seam.  Adding fabric seamed smarter since it would create a bit more ease across the back.  I unpicked my muslin side seam and re-sewed it with a 1/4" seam allowance merging into the pattern-standard 1/2" seam allowance near the dart area, effectively adding 1/2" of fabric under each arm at the side seam. 


And then it fit great!  So... after making that adjustment to the pattern, I am now cutting the real fabric.  Gasp.  It's SOOOOOO pretty.  Please let this work.  Please.  Please!


In other news, I am carrying on with the bandana bibs.  We seriously don't have enough.  She could actually use 2-3 bibs a day!  I think I've made 9 so far.  My latest batch includes some improv patchwork in crumb scraps.  It was nice to relax with this patchwork between computer work for the Stitched Holiday launch, but I actually prefer the look of the simpler bibs.  I think I should pull out some more fun yardage for my next batch. 


I've been using repurposed old towels for some of the bib backs and cotton sherpa for others.  The bottom two bibs have towel backings, while the top one is sherpa.  The sherpa is so nice and soft, but using up old towels is extra satisfying.  It's easy enough to cut around any stains or snags to give them a fresh life. 


A couple people have asked recently, so I'll mention again that my snaps are applied with this Kam Snap kit.  Instead of the mallet method, this kit uses squeeze pliers.  I have yet to mess up a snap with these!  And since a bad snap application can be the death of a project, I highly recommend something like this if you're shopping for a snap solution. 

So that's my week in sewing.  What about you?  What are you sewing lately?  Anything outside your comfort zone?