Elora, 11 months

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This month baby is photographed with Toys Gray from Sleep Tight available at Crosscut Sewing Co

And now she is 11 months! 

It is an age of special significance to us because Eleni passed on before she reached 11 months.  I can't help but think of Eleni extra much in the past few weeks.  I remember what she was like in that short period that she was a little improved after her surgery, that special time. 

When I do, it is jarring to turn back to Elora, a completely healthy child who is nothing at all like Eleni was at the same age.  I rarely compare them.  They aren't comparable.  Now and always, thoughts like these remind us to be so thankful for Elora's healthy brain that enables her to learn and eat and move and - most of all - to enjoy the relationships that make her so happy. 

Memory Box {Eleven Months}


Milestones:  At last, Rora has discovered that she likes to feed herself!  She would barely pick at finger foods before, but now she is eager to pick up banana, raspberries or cheese bits from her tray.  Hooray! 

Also, she is officially cruising!  She moves along furniture slowly and precariously.  Sometimes she transfers across gaps that require her to reach.

But I'd have to say her babbling is the most adorable new development.  And it happened all of the sudden.  She had been a fairly quiet baby, when one morning she started making wonderful nonsense sounds.  And on and on!  Soon she had settled on her favorite "da da da". Now, she doesn't mean it and is NOT saying Dada, but I won't be surprised if that becomes her first word.


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Biggest Challenge:  All this precarious standing and cruising is our biggest challenge.  We have to turn the dining chairs backwards or she'll pull them down on herself!  She seemed to have a cautious personality when learning how to sit, but now I'm not so sure.  Lots of falls and comforting going on round here.


Biggest Surprise:  That she learned to love riding in the baby carrier.  When she was younger Rora would protest when I carried her in our Beco Baby Carrier.  It's a carrier which can be worn on the front or back.  Once I started carrying her on my back, she started accepting the idea.  Now she smiles and bounces when she sees me strapping it on.  This is so handy when we get out as a family on weekends.  Some places aren't practical for a stroller and sometimes, when she's been fussy in the stroller, the carrier saves the day.  Yay!

Best Memory:  Hands down, it's watching the kids push Rora in her swing.  Rora has been swinging for many months now and has developed an appreciation for big pushes.  Liam and Aria have created a game where they take turns pushing her while running under her swing and then cycling back around to the front of the swing path.  Since there are two of them, Rora always has someone greeting her and preparing for another push.  She gleefully kicks her legs and squeals and smiles so big.  She's ecstatic!   Meanwhile, my mama heart swells to see all three of them having fun together!

I'm really enjoying that Rora has come to an age where she can enjoy little outings as a family.  Even though she only engages in snatches - petting the horse at the state fair or listening to the dulcimer at the colonial festival - it is wonderful to be able to share bits of the big, beautiful world with her. 

Aria and Liam don't complain about the work that goes into packing baby's food or bringing along a stroller or blanket.  This is all such a breeze when compared to the logistics of getting around with a medically complex child.  They know how lucky we are. 

At the colonial festival last weekend Liam suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, mom, what about Rora's nap!?!?!"  I told him she would sleep in the car.  That's it.  She'll sleep in the car.  Solved. 

How very lucky we are.

Colonial Festival with Grandma Mary

Colonial Festival with Grandma Mary