Quilts & Quilt Blocks

Ziggy Strings Quilt
Quilt-as-you-go Log Cabins
Value Dance Quilt
Colorbrick Quilt
Herringbone Block
Triangle Quilt
Bottled Rainbows Quilt
Gemstone Block
No-trim Flying Geese
Loulouthi Tiles Quilts
Sunglow Block
Penny Patch Quilt
English Paper Pieced Star
Sawtooth Star Block
go Anywhere Stripe Block
simple Plus blocks
Lattice quilt blocks
Twirly Top Quilt
Lotus blocks
Quilt-as-You-Go Clamshells
Tunnel Blocks

Quilting Skills

Rotary Cutting 101
Cutting Sashing
Chain Piecing
English Paper Piecing
Basic Machine Applique
Mitered Borders
Spray Basting
Zigzag Quilt Binding
Hand Quilting
Continuous Eight FMQ
Dogwood FMQ
Chrysanthemum FMQ
Hang a Mini Quilt

Sewing Skills

Shop for Sewing Machine
Sew an Invisible Zipper
Sew a Lined Pocket
Embroidery 101
Start a Quilting Bee
Clamshells from Circles


Patchwork Journal Covers
Zigzag Covered Journal
Make Merry Tree Cards
Spiderweb Tree Skirt
Little Strings of Cheer
Pompom Garland
Quilted Sleeping Bag
Recover an Ironing Board
Easy Peasy Potholders
Re-purposed Hooded Towel
Quilter's Crib Sheets


  1. Thank you for posting so many lovely tutorials.

  2. I love your tuts. they are very well done and so helpful. Thank you so much!!!

  3. I just discovered your blog - love your tutorials and will try your binding method. Subscribed to your blog and can't wait for more! Curious about your curves classes - was there a book you used?

    1. Thanks, Julie! No, no book for the Curves Class. It was my own creation =), though of course I learned techniques from people all over!

  4. WHat a neat site, I just discovered you and was so pleasantly surprised, I look forward to learning and seeing different things Cheers angeljeanne xox

  5. Rachel,

    Have you ever made a tutorial, or described your method for all the lovely journal covers you make? I would love to make one for my daughter before we begin homeschooling this year. Thanks!

    1. My journal covers are based off of this tutorial by Jennifer Paganelli, with some modifications: http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/projects-ideas/bags-pillows/covered-journals_1.html

    2. Rachel,

      I saw you post today that you will have your own tutorial sometime soon. Yippee! Thanks for taking the time to make one!

  6. All of these projects look amazing! I especially love the herringbone, the tree skirt and the sleeping bag! I wish I had ANY TIME AT ALL to indulge in one of these!! :( I have started following you to stay up to date on all of this deliciousness and look forward to a day when I can come back and use some of this!! <3

  7. Yo, love your stuff. I'm gonna try the notebook cover for a friend's birthday. Btw, do you have any ideas on how to convert old floral dresses into wall decor? I have loads of those dresses.

  8. I would love the opportunity to male something from these prints. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  9. Is the scalloped quilt pictured anywhere? I have read posts about it.

    1. The scallop quilt is a pattern that is part of my Curves Class (eBook available for sale in my pattern shop for a limited time!) You can find a photo of it in this post: http://www.stitchedincolor.com/2012/12/bits-pieces.html

  10. Descobri seu blog a pouco, e gostei muito.
    Fico olhando tantos tecidos lindos....mas o frete para o meu país no momento é um pouco inviável para mim.Quem sabe depois consigo.
    Mesmo assim vou tentar aprender mais com os seus tutoriais que são belíssimos.
    Obrigada por partilhar.

  11. Awesome Tutorial, so easy to follow. Thank you so much from beginners that need help.

  12. I love your blog site! Great easy to understand tutorials, your a very down to earth person it seams, I think we'd hit it off and become friends if we ever meet. Keep doing the things you do!

  13. Love the new look. So easy to see what I need to!

  14. When I'm selecting a quilt blogger to follow, I look at their tutorials first. Yours are excellent. Thank you. Thank you.

  15. Thanks for Gemstone blocks. It helps me use up my many colorful scraps.

  16. I want to make another quilt. I want to make it a chlenge. I have only quilted one quilt before and that was only strat lines. I am going to make a twin sized (I have only made small quilts before). I also want this to not be just patchwork. whitch one shall I chose?

  17. Love your blog! Just found it. Wow! You have so many great tutorials! Thank you!


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