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It is with a sigh and not a little embarrassment that I must discuss the delay with my book. Let’s swallow that pill and then spread some sugar on top, shall we?


Book News

The Quilter’s Field Guide to Color was slated to release last week. Even up to the day before, Amazon said preorders would ship on August 6th. Sadly, that was not so. I’m so very sorry to disappoint you all!

The delay has to do with a special feature of the book - the color swatch cards and envelope. The Quilter’s Field Guide to Color includes a rainbow of 150 color swatch cards that allow the reader to explore concepts hands on. Unfortunately, my publisher, Lucky Spool Media, wasn’t happy with the quality of the print test run. A new test is underway, and pending approval, they expect the book to ship mid September.

So that’s three or so more weeks to wait. I feel like I’m holding my breath! It’s frustrating that Lucky Spool did not run these tests earlier, as they had every opportunity, but I do respect their dedication to producing the best version of this book that is possible. In the end, it will be worth it.


Cover Quilt

Do you subscribe to Curated Quilts? This quarterly publication by Amy Ellis and Linda Augsburg is a modern quiltfest. When they requested permission to print my Brave quilt in their Well Said issue, exploring quilts with messages, I was more than happy to oblige. Little did I know my Brave would end up on the cover!

Curated Quilts Brave. Stitched in Color.jpg

Oh my! I’m so amazed and honored. This one is a keeper for sure!

gallery quilts. Stitched in Color.jpg

I don’t actually subscribe to any quilt magazines, since blogs have always filled that roll for me. However, given fewer folks blogging these days, publications like Curated Quilts have a new place. I like that it is printed on heavy, matte paper and is refreshingly ad-free. It’s chock full of actual quilts made by a wide variety of modern-ish makers. So, less patterns and more quilts. That’s a combo I can appreciate.

Valerie's quilt. Stitched in Color.jpg

This quilt by Valerie Luberecki is one of my favs in the Well Said issue. Both the meaning and visual effect are compelling.

Curated Quilts is available as single issues, subscription or digital download. Click here to order. Note, this is an affiliate link.


Free Shipping for a Quick Finish!

Have you been wondering how my quilting service is going here in The Netherlands? Well, orders have been coming in slower than I expected. I hope that has something to do with the vacation season. People are often away from home and distracted from their regular hobbies in these warm summer months.

Basted. Stitched in Color.jpg

I did have my first local customer, though. Yoka loves appliqué quilts, which she usually hand quilts. Isn’t this one gorgeous? I basted it for her on my longarm this morning and will return it (maybe by bike!) along with an older work-in-progress that she had me quilt. Now she can relish that hand quilting, while enjoying a quick finish on the other, larger quilt. Thanks, Yoka!

Have you been thinking about sending me a quilt? I promise to have it finished and right back to you in no time - anywhere in the European Union! Now through August 31st enjoy free shipping on any quilting service. Use code SHIPFREE during checkout.

Basting services also available.

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