A Colorful Thread: May 2019


Weaving together my life as a maker and other spheres of life.


On My Mind

Experimenting:: with not owning a car. I’ve never lived anywhere where I knew a single family who didn’t own a car. This car-free, public transport thing is one of the big experiments of our cross cultural move. It started this week with our first train trip, traveling from South Carolina to New York City, and continues as we learn to get around by bus. I’m really looking forward to embracing the bicycle lifestyle here in the Netherlands. The flat, auto-free bike lanes are safe and abundant. Bikes are top of our to do list!

photo by  Jace & Afsoon

photo by Jace & Afsoon

Reading:: Why the Dutch are Different by Nicholas Brealey. I just started this book last night, which looks to be a blend of personal story and interesting information. So perfect for this moment in my life!

Anticipating:: Why, diving into my Drummer Boy Dresden quilt, of course! I just need to buy an iron (didn’t carry that on!) and I’ll be up and running in my traveling sewing studio, lol.

Following:: @WarmFolk. I met Daisy through my Penny Sampler course years ago. Our friendship grew as we sewed together for those in need via do. Good Stitches and deepened when I reached out to her last year to discuss our plans to move abroad.

You see, Daisy beat me to it! She and her family made a voluntary move from the USA to Norway in 2018, if memory serves. It’s been inspiring to watch her journey unfold, both as an expat and a talented creative.

This is her Penny Sampler quilt. Isn’t it a beauty!

We only just arrived in The Netherlands yesterday and are still getting our feet (and our bikes) underneath us. I’ll be back sometime soon with another Expat Chronicles to give you the full scoop on our recent travels. Thanks for your love and support!


Rachel Hauser