A Colorful Thread: April 2019


Weaving together my life as a maker and other spheres of life.

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On My Mind

Experimenting:: with quarter Dresdens. As promised, I am preparing the Drummer Boy Dresden pattern and sew-along. As a first step, I’ve been testing several block sizes and template pieces to develop a block that I love. I’ll be sharing more soon!

Reading:: The Montessori Toddler: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being by Simone Davies. It’s a pleasure to re-familiarize myself with the Montessori approach via this clean, modern book written by a Montessori teacher in Amsterdam. Our home is fairly minimal, and I am very thoughtful about what toys I bring into our space. But, honestly, lately we’ve been in a bit of a rut. I’ve just started and already the book has inspired me with some fresh ideas. Plus, I’ve picked up a mini coin box for our travels. I think Elora will enjoy learning to drop coins through the slot and turn the key to open the box!


Here’s a spread from the book, to give you an idea. I think the book would be especially useful to first-time parents!

Anticipating:: Packing! I have two more customer quilts to quilt and two more of my own. After that, Brandon will be disassembling the longarm machine and we’ll move into the packing phase. Still crossing fingers that everything goes smoothly with our buyers. We are hoping to hear from them today. Still, while we have no reason to think otherwise, I am luxuriating in the idea that we might be packing next week!

Following:: I enjoy following artist Jennifer Paganelli on Instagram @Jennifer Paganelli. Her feed is brimming with vibrant paintings like these, which never fail to brighten up my days. She’s a FreeSpirit fabric designer, so sometimes she drops in samples of her fabrics and reposts of others sewing with them too. It’s been a fun way to find other quilters with an exuberant aesthetic.

From where I stand, April absolutely flew by. I have a feeling May is going to go in the blink of an eye. But before we get completely caught up in the business of moving, I am glad we’ve had April to really enjoy our connection with this place and our people. The weather has been fabulous! I’ve had the chance to getaway (twice!) with girlfriends in April, once by myself and another time bringing Elora along. So much sweet fellowship. I feel very lucky indeed.

many blessings,


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