A Colorful Thread: March 2019


Weaving together my life as a maker and other spheres of life.

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On My Mind

Experimenting:: with quilt mending. My very first quilt, Colorbrick, is in need of quite a lot of repair. The linen sashing has unraveled in the 4” gaps without quilting. This quilt has so much sentimental value and is uber cozy, thanks to the felted wool army blanket batting. I just wish I had known then about the perils of quilting with linen and the importance of more dense quilting! But of course, we live and learn.


Reading:: I Know a Rhino by Charles Fuge. This is Rora’s very favorite book these days, a must-read before naps and bed. It was one of Aria’s favorite books too, so we’ve worn out our copy! Time to refresh before our big move. I’ve been told to bring all our English-speaking children’s books.


Anticipating:: Starting a new scrap quilt. Actually I have two quilts I’m planning to prep for our move transition time: an English paper pieced Ice Cream Soda quilt and a quarter-dresden quilt like this one by Joy Martin. But since we haven’t sold our house yet, which could delay our move, I’m thinking about starting an entirely different scrap quilt (concept unknown!) to distract me while I wait! Hmmmm…


Following:: I recently discovered Lou Orth Designs while browsing #IceCreamSodaQuilts for color palette ideas. Her Ice Cream Soda blocks are speaking to me. It’s the fabrics and colors and fussy cutting, of course. So many of these are by Cotton & Steel, which I’ve noticed really channels that bright, scrappy vibe so well. Or maybe it’s the Add it Up background fabric. I LOVE polka dot-ish backgrounds!

Anyways, a quick browse proved that Lou Orth Designs is someone I’ll enjoy following!

Here we are at the end of March and the weather is so lovely! Our home is literally surrounded by snow white blooming dogwood trees. Iris flowers are popping up, azaleas are showing off and the rose bush is blushing pale sunshine yellow. I’m soaking up time outdoors with Elora and trying to enjoy the opportunity to spend a few more months in this beautiful place, instead of fretting about future unknowns. It’s such a trick, isn’t it, to set down the things we can’t control and live in the moment?

I’m not very good at it! Fortunately, I have little Rora to help me practice.


Rachel Hauser