QuilterSpace is an online course to help you organize and beautify your sewing space. In five modules, I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of decluttering, creating a vision, establishing work stations, using your space efficiently and implementing storage ideas for fabric, scraps, notions, patterns, unfinished projects, upcoming projects and much, much more. You can process the information in the order I’ve established, or reorder the modules to suit your needs.

QuilterSpacer is appropriate for a stand-alone room or a shared room. It’s written with quilters in mind, though other sewists can also benefit.

This course is designed to be digested over 8 weeks. It is delivered in a series of emails linking you to the private course blog. Additional email links allow you to customize module order and speed. If the 8 week pace is too slow for you, you can speed things along! Choose start your personal course anytime March first through April 31st.

The class is presented via a private blog. Upon course completion, you will receive a complete PDF Coursebook for your permanent reference. No shipping or tax!


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