a quick Trip Around the World

Hi friends! Hurricane Florence brought lots of rain, but otherwise spared our area, which didn’t experience floods or widespread power outages. Our thoughts are with those who didn’t fare as well.

Still, shops and churches and libraries were closed, which ensured plenty of downtime this weekend. I thought I’d start on that mixed-substrate scrap quilt…

First block.jpg

My first block combines all the substrates I’ll be using: Essex linen/cotton blend, canvas linen/cotton blend by Cotton & Steel, cotton canvas from Ikea and the Outback Wife Barkcloth from Fabricworm. I’m combining these fabrics because they have a similar weight, heavier than quilting cotton. To guard against seam fraying, I’m sewing all patchwork with 3/8” seam allowances and a smaller-than-usual stitch length.

Trip Around the World block.jpg

I’m mostly making these blocks via the Trip Around the World method. In this method, you sew strips into a tube, slice across the strips to isolate tube sections and then open one seam in each section strategically, to create the staggered patchwork effect. It sounds tricky, but it’s actually one of the fastest and easiest ways to make patchwork. Here’s a full tutorial if you’d like to try it.

Did you notice my snazzy new black cutting mat? Oooh, I like! It makes my workspace feel fresh, clean and more modern. Plus, I didn’t realize that a new mat would help my rotary cutter slice easier! My old Olfa mat is about 4-5 years old. It was starting to get warped, so when Precision Quilting Tools asked if I would test and review some of their products, I requested their large cutting mat. This Precision Quilting Tools mat is about three times as thick as my Olfa mat and reversible too. I have a feeling it’s going to hold up to avid use better! I’ll let you know.

Patchwork progress.jpg

Well, with all the downtime this weekend, my work-in-progress grew and grew. It was especially fun to see the white/black globe fabric (also in white/black/gold) get used. This is an old Ikea fabric that may have been my first home decor fabric purchase ever! I bought it before I could sew, hoping curtains would magically make themselves.

They didn't. But, eventually I learned to sew and here we are!

So far.jpg

Um, it’s not done yet, but almost. How did that happen? Testament to the speed of Trip Around the World blocks. Rora is still napping, the longarm is humming and I’m about to get back to these blocks.

Sew on!