Clementine Ikat Quilt + Color Mentor pattern

Today I'm excited to present the newest member of my Color Mentor series: Ikat quilt!  

Pattern cover.jpg

Originally created in 2014, the new pattern is streamlined, with updated graphic design and a new segment on using color value in patchwork.  If you're color curious, this Level 2 Color Mentor pattern is an experience to broaden your horizons.  Even though the patchwork looks intricate, it's actually easy to piece with no special seams.

Value is a foundational concept for effective fabric choice in patchwork.  My first version of Ikat quilt, Rose Chai, relied on high value contrast, resulting in sharp, bold patchwork.  While I adore the effect of pairing black and white, I wanted to try something new with my latest iteration.

This lovely bouquet (via Pinterest) inspired a softer version.  Clementine Ikat Quilt uses medium value contrast and a more selective color scheme.  It's all about orange, with a generous sprinkling of neutrals.  

Ikat Clementine.jpg

Also, some peach anomalies and hints of dark, leaf green, both pulled straight from my inspiration image.

Ikat quilt.jpg

I love how the colors and contrast turned out.  Who knew I could so enjoy orange?  It feels soft and sunny and resolutely cheerful.  A warm cup and this quilt - I think it'd be a lovely way to start or end the day!

Folded Ikat.jpg

Don't you think the quilting lends an elegant, sweeping texture?  Gosh, I love all the choices open to me with longarm quilting!  Finishing a quilt never was my favorite part.  Nowadays I look forward to seeing how the quilting will elevate my work.  With this quilt I wanted something that would reinforce all this piecing with a flourish!

Ikat back.jpg
Back closeup.jpg

Hm... let's see.  You can buy the pattern right here, in my pattern shop.  Clementine throw quilt is also for sale, over at Handmades.  If you already own a copy of Ikat pattern, purchased as a stand-alone pattern in my shop, I'd be happy to send you this updated version.  Just drop me a line!  

The new version does not include machine paper piecing options.  Since this quilt can be so straightforwardly machine pieced, I think paper piecing is a waste of time and paper, quite frankly.  I've tried it both ways, and I'm sold on the traditional piecing route!

Ikat corner.jpg

I think that's everything, friends.  Always a pleasure to share my process and patterns here.  Thanks for reading!