Tic Tac Toe

This dottie quilt has been so much fun!  I love cutting up scraps, discovering how many template shapes can emerge from a pile of odd-shaped pieces.  

Scrap resourceful.jpg

Not long after taking this photo, I added little sandpaper fabric grip stickers to the backsides of my templates.  They are a huge help, totally eliminating template slippage, which is common when cutting small curves like these. Oh, and I also cut with a 28 mm rotary blade.  That helps a lot too!

I've been cutting and sewing in batches, surprised by how quickly it's coming together.  I sew drunkard's path blocks without pins and count on the trimming of completed dots to make up for sewing inaccuracies.  That makes for engaging sewing with a nice combination of challenge and forgiveness.

dottie wall.jpg

Now I have a whole wall of dottie goodness.  Yum!

dottie backside.jpg

Today I've started joining my dots.  They're nesting nicely close together, just as I'd hoped.

Dottie tic tac toe.jpg

I'm joining in sets of 3 x 3 blocks.  Each one feels like a mini composition... or a tic tac toe board.  Either way - fun!

Hmmm, the O's are winning.