Double Star twin quilt

This is a quilt I created on a whim.  Such a treat!  I was organizing my fabrics and noticed that I had quite a stack of Essex linens and some Rifle Paper linen blend canvas fabrics that would work together beautifully.  Hmm...

finished essex linen quilt

Inspired by Fancy Tiger Craft's Double Star quilt pattern, I made this quilt using my understanding of half square triangle blocks.  I adapted the dimensions of the double star to fit a twin sized bed, adding extra fabrics at the top and bottom of the work so that the star would fall beautifully on the bed itself.  

Double star quilt on twin bed

I think it makes a dramatic impression from every angle!  The earthy linen and color palette, combined with the fanciful prints, feels like a teen girl to me.  My particular teen girl prefers green/blue, so this is not for her.  I've listed it in my Handmades shop, in hope it finds a home soon.


The entire work is sewn with 1/2 seams and a small stitch length, to ensure durability when working with linen.  That small modification was totally worth it.  It was SO satisfying to bring together a diverse collection of yardage I already had on hand.  That's one of the things I love most about quilting.

Speaking of quilting, do you like how I finished it?  I used our Triple Clamshell quilting pattern because it echoes the design of the black/white globe fabric at the quilt center.  It's a clean, modern quilting style, which I think would appeal to a teenager.  Also, it's super cuddly!  This pattern creates a quilt with a puffy, cuddly texture that demands to be petted.  Plus, I had a silky Freespirit backing on hand that is downright luxurious.  This one is by Anna Maria Horner.

Freespirit wide back by Anna Maria Horner

Side note:  Have you ever felt a Freespirit wideback fabric?  I've noticed as various fabrics come through our long arm quilting studio, that Freespirit 108" wide yardage has an incredible hand.  They're 100% cotton, but feel like a cotton/silk blend.  These free fall backings by Tula Pink/Freespirit feel the same way.  I don't think Freespirit makes that many wide fabrics, but hopefully that will change.  I'll definitely be on the look out for another!

modern longarm quilting

Now that this quilt is all finished, my Kingfisher quilt is the only one I have in process.  I'm going to take a moment (before starting another quilt, of course!) to focus on making some smaller projects. 

Here's to a relaxing and productive weekend!   My husband doesn't think those go together, but I do!   Haha.  


Rachel Hauser