Backings from Pineapple Fabrics

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Prizes for The Big Bed Quilt-Along!

Hello, my fellow Big Bed Quilt-Along-ers.  I'm stopping in to share some happy news.  We have prizes!  It's the cherry on top of your quilt-along sundae.

Did you set a goal for your Big Bed progress this February?  If you haven't yet, time to do so and here are some tips

Those who meet their February goals will have a chance to win one of FIVE prizes brought to us by Pineapple Fabrics. 

And what might you win, you ask?  Well, something you need but may not enjoy spending your pretty pennies on...  Backing!  Very wide backing, in fact, for your Very Big Quilt. 

Pineapple Fabrics has a huge selection of wide backing fabrics, each 108" or wider.  This is the easiest and fastest way to prepare a quilt back.  Doesn't take any sewing at all!  (And, psst... longarmers love wide backs.) 

My favorite are the P&B Textiles Colorweave backings, which come in a rainbow of hues.  But, you get to choose your favorite if you win!  You'll have your choice of any 3-yard cut.  The 3-yard precut backings are a generous 108" square.  Big stuff. And they're on sale now for $35.00!

On February 28th I'll post a Progress Check + Celebration post, wherein you can enter for your chance to win.  Prizes ship free to the United States.  International winners will pay shipping.  Until then, let's be stitching!  


Thanks, Pineapple Fabrics, for sponsoring our quilt-along!