on my table

Thank you for sharing all your plans and goals for The Big Bed Quilt-Along.  I am loving that this quilt-along is so serendipitous for you, because it is for me too!  Not only do I need the push to work on my Facing East quilt, but also the quilt-along is giving me lots to blog about when I'm strictly prohibited from showing you what I've been sewing lately.  

secret sewing.jpg

Yes, I've been sewing lately!  It's just been for my book. Secret sewing - that's the worst. Ok, I'm sure some folks enjoy surprising friends with secret sewing.  But, not me!  I like showing you what I'm making step-by-step.  I love documenting the process, talking about inspiration and wrong turns and revelations.  Publishers are not so into that when you're writing a book.  The goods must be saved for the big reveal: The Book.

On the upside, I'm pretty darn excited about the book.  It is going to be revealed at quilt market this fall, so that's not forever away.  I've finished the initial writing phase and am now ten days away from my sewing deadlines. 

fabric cuttings.jpg

Yikes.  10 days!  So, yeah, that's what I'll be working on today!

stitching stars.jpg

Besides book sewing, I did complete my first quilt-along Facing East block this weekend (whoot!) and am still stitching away at these stars when the mood strikes during down time at night.  I'm having fun playing with different hand quilting flourishes.  This is all simple work.  If you haven't hand quilted before, it's easy with chunky thread.  See this tutorial for the gist. 


Hmm... before I sign off, let's give credit. 

Part of the ginormous task that is writing a book is gathering supplies.  Windham Fabrics graciously sent me two very cool 108" wide backing fabrics for my book quilts.  You saw the large scale text print backing in action above.  I'll also be using the Newsprint wide backing by Carrie Bloomston very soon.  

Oh, and that completely delicious texture you saw on my "secret sewing" quilt is Bridges. It's one of our new quilting designs.  I'm in love.  It reminds me of Baptist fan, but with more pizazz.  I chose a medium density, but the pattern would also look awesome scaled way up.  

Suddenly, the quilting stage of quilting is all fun and discovery.  Such perfect timing for me with making projects for my book!