a walk down the lane

Finally the clouds have cleared and the sun is shining! I asked Rora if she would like to take a walk to the end of our driveway. With a joyful babble, she struck out eagerly down the lane.

Jaunty steps. Stitched in Color.jpg

Elora is wearing a new, mama-made Maddie Jumper and her go-to boots. Just look at that jaunty stride!

Corduroy Maddie Jumper. Stitched in Color.jpg

Her jumper is a minty green baby wale corduroy from Fiddlehead Artisan Supply. Doesn’t it feels vintage-Christmas when paired with this strawberry red dotted tee?

Corduroy jumper. Stitched in Color.jpg

And look, mama used overall buckles! Rora likes.

Rora down the lane. Stitched in Color.jpg

Like any toddler, Elora loves being outside, exploring her world. Lately she’s learned how to call for our outdoor kitties. They do follow us about, but won’t get too near her. She’s a bit unpredictable, you understand. And LOUD when she gets excited.

Dandy cat. Stitched in Color.jpg

“Hello, Dandy cat,” says Mama. “Aaaaaaaaaah,” screams Rora.

Rora at the house. Stitched in Color.jpg

Why did he go?

Twirl in the Swing. Stitched in Color.jpg

Ah well, we shall have a good spin in the swing to finish our outing.

Happy December, all!

p.s. Setting those overall buckles isn’t always easy. I ended up needing to order a second set because one of the first buttons became bent during application. If you’re a buckle newbie, like me, just buy two sets from the get go. Might as well have an extra pair on hand. And, good luck!

setting overall buckles. Stitched in Color.jpg