Let's talk Sewing Room

Does your sewing space sometimes look like a toddler has got to it?

Toddler Organization.jpg

Yes? Well, next year we’re going to fix that….

Earlier this month I asked for feedback about online classes. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! It’s so important to ask, because sometimes I am surprised by the results. Case in point: I was quite surprised that you were most interested in a Sewing Room Organization class!

I wasn’t surprised that you voted for “Email pdf's with choose-your-own pace + project order” as a preferred format. I’m really excited about this prospect! Pacing is such a personal thing. With this format, we should be able to pair your unique availability with a motivational delivery structure (way better than just getting all the info at once, if you ask me). I’ve decided to offer Angled as an email course starting in January. More details about that later. Today I’d love to talk to you about your sewing space.


Your interest in Sewing Room Organization is serendipitous because the topic has been on my mind. With our expected move next summer, I’ll be landing in a smaller space. I’ve been reevaluating my sewing stuff and thinking about how I’ll reorganize when the time comes.

The reality is I’m going to have a smaller work table, a smaller design wall and less cabinet space. Yikes! I think a peg wall may be in order.

So that’s me, but what about you? What are your maker space challenges? Since I’ll be writing this class for you, I figured it’s best to start by asking what we need to work on! Sure, I already have a 20+ lesson outline (that’s how I roll), but I bet I’m missing something.

Is it your fabric stash? Too big, too small, too messy?

Is it your scraps? Where are they anyway?

Is it your (nonexistent?) work space or lack of a design wall?

Is it about decluttering or beautifying or making things more efficient?

Ok, now, don’t say “all of the above”, because that won’t help! I’d love to hear something specific you’d like to improve about your space.

Thanks in advance!

Happy toddler monster.jpg

p.s. No toddlers were hurt in the making of this blog post. However, it’s possible, someone had a little too much fun….