inspiration à la Target

Inspiration can strike anywhere…. but even in your junk mail? Yep. Believe it.

Months ago a Target catalog arrived and knocked me over with a feather. The colors, the style, oh my! I want to live in those pages.

Target Opalhouse spread

Target Opalhouse spread

Well, here’s the thing - we’re planning on a move, hopefully sometime next year. To my mind, that makes now a very good time to re-think our decor. We have to go through our stuff and paint anyways, right? Why not change things up a bit?

You can see why I still haven’t recycled the Target catalog (much to my husband’s chagrin).

In our new house Aria and Rora will share a room. Since Aria needs a new bed quilt anyways and Rora will be ready for her first big-girl bed quilt, a pair of new quilts are in order. Yahoo! Aria has very clear ideas about a bold sapphire and turquoise color scheme. Rora doesn’t have any opinions yet, but mom’s not ready to let go of her peachy princess look. So….

Warm Palette. StitchedinColor.jpg
Cool Palette. StitchedinColor.jpg

Ta da! A palette built by Target. I’ll make two quilts in the same patchwork style, but with distinct color schemes. One will be warm peach, mauve, pink, tangerine and honey. The other will be aquamarine, sapphire, sky, mint and turquoise. Hopefully they’ll manage to coexist as well as they do in the inspiration image!

Palette Inspiration.  StitchedinColor.jpg

Aria is drawn to all-solids quilts, but she agreed that Ombre Confetti is also welcome. I’ve combined an array of Ombre Confetti with Paintbrush Studio solids, all sourced at Pineapple Fabrics. This will be my first time sewing with Paintbrush Studio solids, so I’ll be sure to tell you what I think and how they compare to other solids, when I can. Here are the fabrics I’m using:

for Elora

  • Ombre Confetti Popsicle Pink

  • Ombre Confetti Coral

  • Ombre Confetti Persimmon

  • Ombre Confetti Sand

  • Paintbrush Solids Petal

  • Paintbrush Solids Dare Devil

  • Paintbrush Solids Gold

  • Paintbrush Solids Mauve

for Aria

  • Ombre Confetti Teal

  • Ombre Confetti Turquoise

  • Ombre Confetti Mint

  • Ombre Confetti Lagoon

  • Paintbrush Solids Marine

  • Paintbrush Solids Cyan

  • Paintbrush Solids Azure

  • Paintbrush Solids Rice Paper

Time to get started!