Moody Strings quilt


It's finished!  This Moody Strings scrap quilt was so satisfying to piece.  The idea was born out of practicality, because I really needed to use up my scraps and literally "clean" out my scrap drawers.  I didn't think I'd enjoy making a classic string quilt, but I did!  I so did!  I loved nurturing a "moody with hints of autumn" color scheme and watching my string scrap pile steadily shrink.  I even used up binding scraps to finish! 


When I was working on that binding my mother stopped by my house and staked her claim on this project.  I should have known this quilt was going to appeal to her when I chose navy for the center 1/2" finished strips.  Navy + color has always been her look.  So, OK, mom... it's your Christmas gift-in-waiting, just like you hoped!


Brandon, baby and I trekked out to a favorite spot in the woods bordering our home to photograph Moody Strings.  I recently realized I haven't had my photo taken with Rora since she was newborn.  For shame!  So, we took the opportunity to plan this shot, inspired by this photographer via Southern Charm Quilts.  Next we should really have our family picture taken.  It's been ages...


I know I'm not the only one who needs to force herself to get in front of the camera more often and/or be intentional about capturing some group shots.  We'll all have to remember that quilts make a great family photo prop!  Here's to another reason to make a quilt!


p.s.  Now that my strings quilt is done, it's time to wash and press my remaining large scraps and deep clean my drawers/storage bins.  Take a look at this tangled mess pulled from the dryer.  Yep, I wasn't wrong to avoid washing scraps.  These are just my big pieces!  Imagine the mayhem should I have tried to wash strings or squares?  Yikes.