Summer Crush Winners!

It's almost Friday!  I'm popping in to congratulate the winners of our Summer Crush mosaic contest, who will be receiving their mosaics in fat quarters from Quilt Sandwich soon!  They are:

1.  Unidentified2.   Heavy Metal   3.   Sun Print Ink   4.   Haystack Bouquet   5.   Gigi Tweets   6.   Crosshatch Ultra Marine   7.   Astrid Mitte    8.   Sun Print Ink   9.   Gigi Blooms

1.  Unidentified2.  Heavy Metal  3.  Sun Print Ink  4.  Haystack Bouquet  5.  Gigi Tweets  6.  Crosshatch Ultra Marine  7.  Astrid Mitte   8.  Sun Print Ink  9.  Gigi Blooms

Summer Garden by Sue Brown and

Summer Crush by Puppilalla!

I notice that both winners have strong yellow and blue themes, which perhaps resonate with the sand and sun we all associate with summer.  Both feature flowers and birds too. And yet they're so different!  Sue's mosaic feels bright and airy, while Puppilalla's is decidedly exotic.  Well, I'm a fan of both!  Enjoy your fabrics, ladies.


Rachel Hauser7 Comments