Love in Butterflies

I absolutely loved piecing this quilt top!  It felt so wild and free to jump in with these pieced scraps and see where it all took me.  I think I especially enjoyed the carefree piecing because lately I am also working on a new class.  Sewing for a class requires much planning ahead, note-taking and thoughtful photography.  It was such a release to turn off my brain and work more instinctively with color and shape. 

Here's my favorite bit of piece work.  So many little orphan blocks found a home!

This weekend I finished the quilt with "twig" quilting, another straight stitch design with reverse sewing from Gering's book, WALK.  It's a very simple pattern, easy to execute.  I felt it fit nicely with the butterflies.  Although it did create a nice texture, I think I would like the quilting even more if I spaced my lines closer together, perhaps 1.25" instead of 1.75".  Honestly, quilting is where I often get lazy!  I've only done matchstick quilting once... and on place mats.

A few more pieced scraps, multi-colored scraps and a large piece of Katie Jump Rope Big Dot make up the quilt back.  I always like a stripe binding.  This binding is actually Cloud 9's window dressing, but it reads like a stripe here with fantastic spaced-out lines. 

And now, a finished baby quilt for do. Good Stitches!  Thanks to my bee mates in the Love Circle who sent the pretty butterfly blocks that inspired the work.  I'm so happy to send this off to Wrap Them in Love to brighten the life of a child!

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