I am proud to report the completion of four Facing East blocks this month!  I decided to double my normal monthly goal, when I saw how nicely four would fill out my grid.

See what I mean?  Isn't that just begging for one at the bottom an three more along the side to bring it to a nice, quilty dimension?  This is another way that a design wall provides an advantage - it really does encourage me to keep on task!

Earlier this month I made four piles, each designating fabrics for a Facing East block.  I pledged to find a way to include that scissors quadrant, which never seems to match with any other fabrics.  Here I'm combining with solid white and Carolyn Friedlander's Shirting in Snow, fingers crossed.

Each block takes several hours of solid work, so I count it a victory if I complete one in a day, preferably sewing alongside a friend or while listening to an audio book.  It often surprises me which block turns out to be a favorite.  This month I'm most pleased with this cream Comma dot combined with American Made Brand's Mist Grey.  Each color intensifies the other. 

And, tada!  Here we are all together!  That's 15 blocks and actually the size of a nice throw quilt.  Wondering how many blocks I have left to go?  Me too.  (I had been mostly avoiding that topic.)  Well, today I bravely cracked open my copy of Savor Each Stitch and discovered that I am about midway.  I'll need 32 blocks to cover our queen bed in Facing East awesomenesss. 

So, I'm halfway done and the year is not halfway past.  I think that's something to celebrate!