baby's new towel

Look who learned to roll over!  Just as I was clicking off my camera, she turned over and posed.  I have to agree, Rora girl, that is the best way to show off your new hooded towel!  Since she rolled herself back to front for the first time a little over a week ago, she's been practicing and practicing.  Now it's definitely on demand.   Proud mama!

I hope you had a nice spring weekend!  On the Saturday before Easter I sewed up this hooded towel for baby.  It's made from a bath towel and hand towel, plus one small piece of flannel to decorate the hood and some quilt-binding trim.  I followed my tutorial (circa 2014) from when I made a bright pink version for Eleni. 

This is a great way to repurpose some towels you don't need.  Or, for the cost of a couple new towels, it makes a practical baby shower gift when there's not time for a quilt.  As a mom, I prefer a homemade towel over ready-made hooded baby towels, as those tend to be made from thin terry and/or run on the small size.  This towel will last her well through toddlerhood into her preschool years.

Now Eleni's bright pink towel can become Elora's swim towel and this new one can stay home in the bathroom, hanging beside her big brother and sister's towels - a perfect match!

I feel so lucky to have the chance to sew like this, to make something just right for my home and my family and to have the pleasure of sharing it with you too.  Thank you!

p.s.  Today's photos were taken in Rora's new room.  Daddy just put in the floors this weekend.  Eeeee!  So excited to set up her things in here soon!!