Penny Progress

Hello, hello!  I've arrived in my new bloggy space and, though there are some growing pains, I'm super excited to be here!  If you find something that is not working properly, such as a broken link, could you please let me know?  I'd love to fix it!

quilt by Jody Mellenthin for baby Rora!

quilt by Jody Mellenthin for baby Rora!

I do know that the comments field is not showing up consistently.  Don't worry, there will be (are?) comments!  We're working on it.  Meanwhile, if you find yourself on a blog post without a comments field, please try refreshing the page.  (If that doesn't resolve things, try clearing your cache and refreshing again if you're the persistent type.) Or, you can always reach me via email!  To email me, click the envelope just to the right of the "subscribe" text in my top navigation area.  There is also a "contact" button and email envelope graphic in the footer of the site, visible at the very bottom of each and every page.  In the same footer you'll find a link to my new About page and the Archives too.  

Ok, so lots of ways to keep in touch.  I'll be explaining more about my new website over the coming week.  For now, don't miss the built-in search option in the top navigation.  It works really well and is the best way to find a post or project that's gotten away from you!


As you can see, I've completed a few more Penny Sampler blocks:  Snowflake and Stacked Pine.  These belong in the darker "border" area of my quilt, so I chose gray backgrounds (Kona Coal and Kona Charcoal) and low-contrast fabrics.  Even though they're not stand-out blocks in these colors, I do feel the lower border section is coming together with a pleasant whimsy.  Very much looking forward to making more of the special center blocks when we get to the paper piecing module of Penny Sampler!

Have a great weekend, friends!  I hope to assemble my Dresden quilt top.