once upon a Starry Woods


Guess what?  I got an early Christmas gift!  Brandon and I painted the kitchen a soft, dusty teal called Starry Woods by Valspar.  Oh my gosh - I love it!  The kitchen instantly feels so much cleaner, as the cool color envelopes the white, gray and black tones in the space.  My kitchen is always hard to photograph because it gets northern light, but this gives you an idea.  

If you turn 180 degrees from the view above, you would look through the kitchen into our dining and living areas:  


There is a large section of white brick in our kitchen (which also needs a fresh coat of paint).  As of today, an evergreen-clippings wreath is hanging in place of a fabric art piece I made way back in 2011. 

Fabric art in the kitchen doesn't last forever, as it tends to get dirty, but it's easy enough to make something new!  The old piece was wine, orange and pink, so that's all wrong for the new wall color anyways.  Time for something fresh.

Hmm.. I like the way the evergreen colors look with the dusty teal paint.  The palette reminds me of the Mistletoe color scheme I created for Stitched Holiday.  Never would of thought to add green to my piece, but now it's a must!


These are the fabrics for my project.  The silvery Netorious print will be my background.  I pulled scraps in a range of teals and blues, plus a hint of woodsy green.


I'm making a miniature version of my Starbright Stars pattern, which creates six point stars using diamonds and triangles.  I think the stars will be about 4" from tip to tip when finished.  That's small for me!  Since I've only to make enough to cover a 16 x 24" canvas, I think I can manage.

Did you know that tomorrow is winter solstice?  As we inch towards Christmas and the nights are drawing in, it seems fitting that I'm stitching a starry woods.