Slow Stitching

Winter has settled in with an unusual chill in South Carolina.  At this moment it's nearly lunch time and still below freezing.  In fact, all week it has been colder here than in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.  Brrrrr.

starry woods stars.jpg

With Christmas past, it's time for clean slates.  The fir wreath is gone and my kitchen wall is waiting on this Starry wall art.  Cutting all these diamond stars was fun, as I enjoyed seeing the patchwork come to life.  Sewing them up with miniature triangles to join them... that was more tedious.  But, at last the patchwork is complete, and it's time for the last step...

pearl cotton.jpg

Stitching with pretty pearl cotton!

Hand quilting stars.jpg

There are few things I like more than a cozy corner with some hand quilting on a cold, winter day.  Ok, add tea and chocolate and some friendly company.  Now, that's bliss!

Slow stitching.jpg

I haven't decided if I'll quilt all of the stars with this simple outline or do some playful stitching.  The back of the work won't be seen as this is going to be finished as stretched wall art.  That gives me freedom to experiment.  Perhaps some French knots?  Maybe just a sprinkling of quilting to make the stitching stand out?  

Whatever happens my goal is to enjoy the process.  Hand quilting, small scale, no pressure.  That's slow stitching at its best!