meet Rosie

It seems like ages ago that I received a bundle of Anna Maria Horner's new Floral Retrospective prints.  I had asked Freespirit for some of my favorites as soon as I saw that she was re-releasing them.  Anna Maria's florals and colorful palettes are definitely among my first loves when it comes to sewing. 


I made this pretty bundle to announce the #30DaysofFabricStacks summer challenge and have been enjoying it ever since.  I like the way that the colors don't match, yet feel cohesive because they're different colorways of the same prints and drawn by the same hand.  Now that I've finished a few things and have an opening for a new project, this is my jumping off point!


The end of summer was a chaotic and stressful time for me.  My husband and I had to face some big financial bumps and both of us have since taken on extra work.  There was a lot of big picture re-evaluation that felt more scary than empowering.  But, thank goodness, we have since hit a new stride.  I've ironed out a new schedule that seems to be working.  It feels good and hopefully the feeling will last.

When I pulled fabrics for this new quilt yesterday, I felt ready to explore again.  The original fabric stack was sunny and easy and perfect for summer, but it's autumn now.  Earthy colors and jewel tones are more attuned to the season.  These multicolor florals excite me, especially popped with earthy or pastel solids.


I have in mind to reinvent my Ribbon Square block, originally designed for the precise sewing module of The Penny Sampler.  I want to use the florals as my background fabric, but making a slew of half square triangle blocks (as per the original block design) will spoil the effect of the large scale prints.  Instead I'll use a large whole-cut square for the center of the block and machine paper piece the ribbon corners.


Choosing fabrics was easy.  This particular Social Climber print, called Lichen, has intrigued me from the first.  The gray-cream background is so unusual, as is the pairing of those lovely minty/emerald shades with a burgundy stem.  I chose solids that emphasize the quirky colors of this print:  Kona Olive and Kona Burgundy


Admittedly, some may find my color combination less-than-winning, but it feels just right to me.  I want the whole quilt to feel quirky and yet beautiful in the way that vintage quilts often do.  And, you know, if color feels right to you... it is right.  That's a belief I hold close to my heart.


Meet Rosie.  She's a sweet 12" block with country girl charm, beribboned and fresh from the fair. 


Rachel Hauser