Handstitched Coursebook

Handstitched Coursebook


We are modern sewists, and we do so love that sewing machine.  But, actually, there are still beautiful effects that are best realized needle in hand.  There's also something simply delicious and inexplicably relaxing about the slow, steady pace of handwork.  I hope you'll consider joining me for some slow stitching, making beauty stitch by stitch, and developing new skills piece by beautiful piece.

Handstitched starts at the very beginning discussing needles, knots and threads.  First-time sewists can enjoy one project per week that's designed to be sewing-machine free and super easy.  We'll focus on one category of handwork at a time, moving from Reverse Applique through Embroidery, English Paper Piecing, Applique and Hand Quilting with full, detailed photo tutorials and many downloadable templates. In each theme you can choose from 3 very different projects for one that really fits your experience and interests.  Because of the variety of projects, this class is suitable for beginners to intermediate sewists. 

Quilters will love that in each theme one of those projects is an installment in a handstitched masterpiece, the Modern Medallion quilt.  This special quilt is best for the intermediate quilter, who has some experience with rotary cutting and piecing.  I don't recommend this as a first quilt, because we'll be using so many techniques and it would become overwhelming.  If you've made 2-3 quilts before, so that you have basic quilting skills, then you'll really enjoy this one!  And, you'll love bringing so many new techniques to your quilting!

The Handstitched coursebook includes 14 projects with step-by-step photo and video tutorials. 


1: Reverse Applique

2: Embroidery

3: English Paper Piecing

4: Applique

5: Hand Quilting

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