Ice Cream dreaming

Greetings from The Netherlands, where it’s 90 degrees and climbing! The heat wave has been brutal, but fortunately today should be the last of it. We’re managing without air conditioning by carefully coordinating the windows and shades and by using lots of fans. When the eternal Dutch breeze blows, it doesn’t feel half bad outside in the shade. Still, ice cream sounds divine!

ice cream soda collection. Stitched in Color.jpg

I’ve set out my collection of Ice Cream soda blocks, pattern by Jodi of Tales of Cloth. Funny, I thought they would look like more! Ah well, I’ve enjoyed making each one, and I don’t care how many more I have to go.


Here are my newest additions. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the tiger cats block. I adore those cats, but I don’t think this was the best way to use them. After reflecting on the finished block, I’ve decided that I’m not feeling the cutesy look for this quilt. Maybe critter motifs should be saved for something else.

I do really like how the second block came out, with the XOXO center and the metallic confetti outer. I seem to like blocks best when the two inner stars share a similar value that contrasts with the outer fabric. In this case, “value” refers to the relative lightness or darkness of a fabric, not to its color.

Sponsor of the Week

Fenceline Fabrics

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Time to cut some new pieces for my next batch of blocks. Cringe - look at that edge! Fussy cutting makes for ragged yardage. I promise to trim up my fabrics nicely when this project is complete, before they go back into my stash. But fussy cutting also allows for the best kind of fabric play. You never know what you can create by manipulating the placement of those acrylic templates, until you try. In my opinion, the templates are a must-have if you ever make an Ice Cream Soda quilt.

Cutting for ice cream soda. Stitched in Color.jpg

I love cutting fabrics! Pairing up fabrics and handling so much loveliness makes my day.

Hmmm, slow stitching is perfect for long, warm summer days. I think it’s time I search out the coolest spot in the house and get comfortable with needle and thread.

Happy weekend, all!