the Drummer Boy Dresden pattern!

Happy day! All of us smitten with the Drummer Boy Dresden quilt are soooo excited to start on our own scrappy renditions soon! Here to make that possible… the Drummer Boy Dresden pattern.

Yippee! I’ve created this pattern with permission, based on Joy Martin’s glorious quilt. I’ve enlarged the block size to 6” and streamlined block design, both to shave off a little construction time while maximizing enjoyment.

Applique stage. stitchedincolor.jpg

Worried about hand sewing or tedious appliqué edges? Worry not! This pattern can be completely machine sewn - that’s how I’m going to make it. Or, you can mix in some hand appliqué for portable sewing as desired. As far as edges, there is absolutely NO pressing under of edges in this pattern. Even the curved quarter-circle shape is machine sewn, like a drunkard’s path block. Easy peasy!

Have you sewn curves before? Then this will be a cake walk. Never ever sewn curves? Ok, let’s get you started! This pattern is written to be forgiving of small errors when sewing that curve. Even if things are a little rocky to start, before long you’ll be curve-victorious and so glad you tried. I hope everyone can play along!

JM drummer boy on bed. Stitched in Color.jpg
8's quilting. Stitched in Color.jpg

Pattern includes sizes from baby to king. Take your pick! If you're planning to sew along with us in the June/July Drummer Boy Dresden sew-along, I’ll be pacing the sew-along for the throw size quilt. Grab your pattern and start choosing your fabrics. More details on the sew-along coming later this month!

Thanks, Joy, for letting me share this design with the world. And thanks to the quilters of history who made “grandmother’s fan,” the quarter dresden style, time after time. It’s an honor to walk in their footsteps, making something classic with a fresh little twist. That’s the quilting I love best!

Enjoy Drummer Boy Dresdens, my friends!