Love Note Bookmarks

A heavy cost of moving abroad is parting ways with dear friends and family. These are relationships built in the thirteen years that we lived in South Carolina, people I’ve walked with, sewn with, laughed with, mourned with, learn alongside and loved. We raised our children together or opened our hearts at late night book clubs, or both! Fortunately technology keeps us in touch. We’re sending videos across the seas, but of course it’s not the same.

Kraft paper fabric. Stitched in Color.jpg

I had time before we started packing to consider how I could honor these dear friends. The idea to make them bookmarks was inspired by my friend Erin, who gifted me one just like this when she moved away years ago. So often when I use that bookmark, I think of her and the books we shared and our sweet connection. It’s been a treasure.

Embroidered Felt bookmarks. Stitfched in Color.jpg

Before I left, I made love note bookmarks for my parents and closest friends. I chose a word for each of them that captures something I appreciate about who they are. My mother is strength, especially when I needed her most during Eleni’s life. Jenny is joy, a lightness and energy that refreshes. Laura is peace above all else and Leona is free to be herself. The giving of each bookmark was a natural opportunity to share with each person what their friendship has meant to me.

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Joy, love, free bookmarks. Stitched in Color.jpg

This is a really easy project, should you like to make some too. You’ll need paper fabric (I used natural, but it’s also available in stone), felt, embroidery floss or Perle cotton and ribbon scraps.

  1. Cut the paper fabric to desired size. Mine are about 1.75” x 6”.

  2. Pencil your word and then embroider it with a simple running stitch, tying knots on the back side.

  3. Cut felt to the same size as the work in progress.

  4. Cut a ribbon scrap about 2” long.

  5. Sandwich the folded ribbon at one end of the bookmark between the wrong side of the embroidery and the felt.

  6. With thread to match the paper fabric, machine sew around the edge of the work about 1/8”. Backstitch briefly to secure threads.

Stitched bookmarks.jpg

A stitched love note would also be a nice little project for young sewists. It’s a good fit for someone completely new to sewing. They could substitute the word with their name or choose a meaningful word as a tribute to someone they appreciate. Maybe you will enjoy the project with someone special this summer!