Velveteen Stitches pillow

This weekend I got to put the cherry on top of a very sweet stitchy experience. I finished a project that I started last summer in the form of hand sewn, English paper pieced flowers for the Kingfisher quilt.

New Hand Stitching.jpg

You see, there were five or so hexie flowers that I didn’t use for my quilt, because I switched to a more limited color scheme. The castoff flowers looked lovely, but forlorn sitting around with no future in mind. I rescued them by appliquéing them by hand, scattered on a large scrap piece of sapphire velveteen.

Attaching the flowers was such a deliciously tactile process. Oh, the touch of velveteen! After the appliqué I added decorative stitches in pearl cotton size 8 and then tried to figure out what my panel would become. Hmm…

Hand quilting on Velvet. Stitched in Color.jpg

A pillow! I love the way that the flowers wrap around the edges in places. It makes such a pretty presentation from every angle.

Lux Scrap pillow. Stitched in Color.jpg

This pillow is finished with envelope closure, which allowed for strategic placement of ribbon trim to dress up the “wrong” side of the pillow.

Pillow ribbon trims. Stitched in Color.jpg
Ribbon pillow back. Stitched in Color.jpg

All of these ribbons are things I had on hand - just like the flowers and velveteen and pillow form too. Maybe it’s the most lux “scrap” project I’ve ever made? I could be convinced.

Velvet Flower pillow. Stitched in Color.jpg

There’s nothing like moving house to motivate wrapping up stitchy loose ends. As much as I enjoyed the slow-stitching process, I’m happy to celebrate this finish today. However, I don't need to bring another throw pillow overseas. We’re going to have one sofa instead of three, so I’m definitely not authorized to add to the collection! Velveteen Stitches pillow has been listed in my Handmades shop. I hope someone enjoys!