Dottie returns

What do you do when you feel sort of restless, a bit in between things or even stuck?

Cutting Dear Dottie. Stitched in Color.jpg

When I feel off-kilter, I like to work on a scrap quilt. The process of rifling through bits of fabric, cutting them into usuable shapes and sewing them into something pretty is so restorative. It’s that patchwork magic that never gets old.


Last year I made this Dear Dottie throw quilt, absolutely on a whim. I just needed to sew my scraps and these blocks really hit the spot. I received several request for a pattern, which makes a perfect excuse for having another go at Dottie.

Sketching Dear Dottie. Stitched in Color.jpg

This time I’m making a baby quilt, because I just know Dear Dottie will be adorable baby-sized. It’s going to be hard to stop at just 25 blocks though! I could cut and sew them for quite awhile, I enjoy the process so.

Sewing Dot Blocks. Stitched in Color.jpg

A pattern is in the works! Shall I also put together a sew-along? Hmm, what say you? I’m not sure if October/November is generally the time for such things. For me, it’s always time for scrap sewing!