Summer Shibori

Take things to the extreme. If you’re going to make them pale, make them really pale so there’s almost nothing there. If you’re going to be bright, the circus is not enough.
— Kaffe Fasset

How are you at extremes?  I have a feeling my friends would say I'm a little too good at those: extremely focused, extremely adventurous, all-in most of all of the time.  But when it comes to color, I agree with Kaffe Fasset.  There is so much beauty in extremes.  

Making Magazine.jpg

Artist Rachel Switzer of Cape Cod Shibori recently shared that quote with me, which you will find at the conclusion of this short introductory video of Kaffe Fasset.  Rachel makes small batch textiles that are actually hand stitched, then dyed with traditional shibori techniques. 

This summer she is inspired to go BRIGHT.  Summer is such a good time for bright, after all.  Like the cover of the current issue of Making Magazine, colorful shibori fabrics bring an immediate sense of fresh, youthful, energy.  They are bits of extreme color floating in a pool of brilliant light.  

colorful shibori

I've used Rachel's shibiro fabrics to make a table runner for my teen.  April of AprilTwoEighty made this gorgeous HST pillow.  If you need more light, energy and extreme color in your life this summer, stop by Cape Cod Shibori to save 15% on all colored (non-indigo) shibori fat quarters.  Use coupon code SUMMERCOLOR to save all through the month of July.

shibori runner

Happy making!