Mint Dream

striped quilt binding.jpg

It's such a relief to be zigzag stitching the binding onto my last book project this morning. The book has demanded all my energy the past month, because I hadn't left quite enough time to for my sewing deadlines.  I've been working all day and into the night, and I think.. I think... I think it's really done!  Today I'll be mailing a big box of samples and quilts to Lucky Spool Media.

Now it's time to play catch up.  I'll send my beloved Juki in for a tune up, schedule that overdue doctor's appointment and (hooray!) sew Rora a dress.  Yes, this strange, unseasonably warm February weather is actually fit for dresses.  I can't wait to see her adorable totting self in all the dresses I'll sew for her this year.  I have just the fabric to start with!

Cutting Geranium dress extended bodice.jpg

This is a dreamy mint double gauze by Ichi No Kire.  It's available at Imagine Gnats in lots of colors.  They also have playful printed double gauze, which would be fun for an older child. You  know I'm hopeless about mint these days.  Mint everything!  But to be fair, I think the color will bring out the reddish tones in Rora's strawberry blond hair.


I'm cutting out a Geranium dress with the extended bodice from the Geranium Expansion pack.  I'm also planning short, slightly-puffed sleeves and this embellished bodice.  The beaded flower ribbon is something my mom picked up from a yard sale decades ago.  It's been waiting it's turn to shine for a loooong time.  The cream lace trim was acquired more recently from The Confident Stitch. 

Together with the mint double gauze this is starting to look like an Easter dress.  I wasn't planning for it to be one, but maybe?

Wishing everyone a great week!