a Yuma Quilt

It's been so exciting to read your goals for the Big Bed Quilt-Along!  Many of you had already hoped to complete a quilt for your bed this year.  I'm glad the timing is so serendipitous.  If you are planning to join us and haven't set your goal yet, jump over here to make it official!

Basting Yuma.jpg

Before I shift gears to my Facing East quilt, I want to share my Yuma Quilt finish.  I was planning to quilt this one on the longarm myself, but Brandon insisted on taking over because he wanted the custom quilting practice.  Seriously??!!!  Don't mind if you do, dear!  (Major husband points)

Quilting closeup.jpg

I wanted to emphasize the large triangles, specifically the darker ones, as well as the large squares at center.  I chose custom block quilting with straight lines for those areas.  The large triangles have the pyramid quilting pattern and the center squares have a square spiral quilting pattern that's trimmed to stop at the white centers.  This helps those white centers "pop."  The rest of the quilt is filled with pebble quilting in a pale peach thread.

Yuma quilt close.jpg
Yuma quilt back.jpg

I used a dark brown thread for the dark triangle pyramid quilting.  It blends nicely on the front and stands out on the back, where you can see all of the quilting very clearly.  The backing is a Friedlander widescreen and all front fabrics are also Friedlander, mainly from her new Gleaned collection. 

Gleaned is in stock now at Gotham Quilts!  You can get this free Yuma quilt pattern download when you sign up for their newsletter.  Besides fabric news, the newsletter often finishes with "Three Things" - links to going-ons in the modern quilting community and beyond.  I always find those interesting!

Gleaned Yuma quilt.jpg

This 60" square throw quilt is listed now in my Handmades shopAt the edges of the quilt the warm tones give way to blues, like the sunrise meeting a fresh blue sky.  I hope someone will enjoy adding its earthy, southwestern vibe to their home.  

If you have experience sewing angles, I recommend the Yuma pattern for a quick, but dynamic quilt.  It was a pleasure to sew and didn't have too many half square triangles for a quilt of this type.  I wouldn't be surprised if I make another someday!