a Quilt for your bed?

photo by  Jessica Castro

Do you want to sew a quilt for your bed this year?  Maybe you have one that needs finishing, one that needs a lot more work (that's me!) or plan to kick off a new Big Bed quilt project this year.  It seems I could use some friendly motivation to complete my project, which made me think you might too.  

Last night I jotted a whole list of post ideas for The Big Bed Quilt Along, with topics ranging from technique tutorials to strategies for maintaining momentum.

Technique Tutorials

  • quick + easy patterns
  • choosing colors
  • choosing batting
  • choosing backing
  • quilt size
  • quilting strategies

I could write about how to properly sew a border on a big quilt, in order to avoid wavy border syndrome.  A tutorial on how much to buy in backing fabric for various quilt sizes and how to seam backing properly could also be nice.  This would be a back-to-the-basics series of tips designed to assist someone sewing what could be their first really big bed quilt (like queen-size and up).  

Those of you who are seasoned quilters and don't need the technical hand-holding could share your tips.  Oooh, I bet you have lots of great ones!

Plus, another main aspect of the quilt-along would be a series of posts designed to help us maintain motivation.

Momentum Ideas

  • how to break up your project into smaller parts
  • bulk cutting (and staying organized)
  • figure out what makes you stall
  • celebrate your progress
  • plan strategic sewing sessions that fit your needs

No matter how experienced we are, this is an area we can all improve!

So... anyone with me?  This finish-along would be a three-month endeavor.  I'm thinking February - April.  We need a good chunk of time to make such a big quilt!  You can participate with any quilt pattern.  It can be one you've already started too - anything designed for a bed, size queen and up!

Facing East quilt blocks

Want to quilt-along?  Let me know by adding a comment. 

Do you have a pattern in mind or in progress? 

What are your Big Bed Quilt challenges?