patchwork play

What can you do with a tall stack of quarter log cabins?  Time to play!

log cabin setting

quarter log cabin setting

log cabins on point with sashing

quarter log cabins on point.  Mmmmmmm.... we're getting warm.

quarter log cabins on point with sashing.  Yes!  Hot!  Hot!

I have a large cut of Kona Azure on hand for just this kind of thing.  Although I'm tempted to use white or cream for the sashing because I love the way the cream sashing gaps look on the design wall, my practical side insists that it wouldn't be wise.  This quilt will have large solid triangles along all the edges to set the blocks on point, and the edges of a quilt get handled the most. 

Aqua it is.

I used my Quilter's Reference Tool to look up cutting directions for setting triangles.  It has loads of tables to help you avoid quilty math like yardage requirements and quilt sizes based on block size and sashing, etc.  Honestly, I only use the book to avoid triangle setting math for blocks set on point or square-in-square blocks.  But it's nice for that.

Now that I have a plan I expect to piece the quilt top together pretty quickly this week.  I think it's going to be a good week.  I love this time of year!