her first dress

I've never made a dress for my baby before.  My actual, really-here baby.  Oh, such a pretty little pleasure!  And the sweetness of putting it on her! 

Well, I can see why people get hooked.  How lucky am I that we're just at the beginning of summer?  Please, no one buy her any dresses!  I want the pleasure of making them all!

This dress is the Geranium pattern, which was all the rage a few years ago when I made a couple in 6-12 months for no reason.  There are a couple of sleeve and skirt options and lots of sizes available.  I'll be making iterations of the Geranium for years, no doubt.  This one is size 3-6 months with the faux cap sleeves and pleated skirt, made in Sleeping Moths by Heather Ross.

The lace was a last-minute decision.  And, oh my goodness I love it with those moths!  After hemming the skirt, I cut the lace to the proper circumference, adding 1/2" for seam allowance.  I sewed the lace together at the cut ends with right sides together and pressed the seam open.  It was easy to hide the seam allowance behind the lace when I pinned it on.  Then it attached with a simple machine stitch.  I have no idea if that was the proper way to attach this kind of lace, but it seems durable and looks gorgeous!

At first I thought I'd break in my new snap set to apply snap closures at the back.  But something felt wrong about that.  Maybe buttons are better than snaps for fancier dresses?  Snaps are so practical though!  I'll use them some other time.

I think the grandmas are going to swoon when they see her in this on Easter!  I've been covering her in kisses on a daily basis, but I'll give her an extra smooch from you!