Penny Candy {Penny Sampler}

What is patchwork candy?  Small.  Cute!  Practically irresistible.

That's how I feel about these little plus blocks.  And there's something about arranging them en masse too.  It pushes it over the top.

I'm moving forward with my Penny Sampler, working on March blocks.  The Penny Candy patchwork is designed to be sprinkled in our asymmetrical sashing.  Most are placed in the large off-set sashing cross at the upper left of the quilt.

A few candies fall around the Ribbon Square block, so I've decided to sew those in the Window Dressing plaid that I used for the Ribbon Square background.  I'd like that section to blend so that the sashing seems like a part of the block

Otherwise, I used more Freespirit Designer Solids for my candy:  cosmic blue for the background fabric to match the sashing cross, various shades of purple for the pluses and a bit of an Anna Maria Horner print too.  Her fabrics keep turning up in my sampler from all different collections.  I'm not sure if it's more her style or her color palette, but something's working perfectly for the rich, folksy look I'm crafting.

If I were making this batch again, I'd opt for scant 1/4" seam allowances after all.  Those of you following along with the sampler will see I discussed the merits of scant verses true seam allowance for set of tiny blocks.  This time a scant seam allowance would have allowed for tidier trimming for me.  Maybe it has to do with your mood?  I was rushing through these blocks trying to complete them yesterday, but the day was against me.  In my haste I probably wasn't as careful as usual.

Guess what?  You can enter to win a set of Freespirit Designer Solid precuts by sharing your Penny Candy blocks on social media.  Just tag your photo with #pennycandyblocks and #freespiritfabrics to enter to win.  Winner will be drawn at the end of March.

Good luck!