Flip-Flop Fabric Confetti

Yesterday I finished my work day grumpy and unsatisfied.  Want to know why? 

My project was a flop. 

I was Day 2 into sewing an example block for my quilting bee group, when I came to the tough realization that the project was not as good in real life as it had been in my imagination.  


It's my turn to lead a collaborative do. Good Stitches quilt for Love circle in January.  I decided to bring to life my sketch of a sort of confetti scrap block.  The 1/2" squares were to be appliqued with fusible and then further secured with strategic quilting.  I was figuring it all out while simultaneously making a tutorial for you...  And then I realized, I wasn't having fun!  Plus, when I imagined all of the blocks together with so much white negative space, it just wasn't speaking to me.

scrap fabric confetti

I'm not saying it's a horrible design.  It's fine.  I just wasn't feeling inspired to continue at all.

Does that ever happen to you?  For sure, most projects have moments of doubt and discouragement, but do you ever get the sinking feeling early on that a particular project was a mistake?  It's not my first time with this, so I know all the symptoms.  And, seriously, if you lose momentum on the first block, it's probably not going to be a quilt that brings you much joy in the process!

Even though it's frustrating to bag a project, the good news is that nipping it in the bud makes room for a new flower to bloom.  After some simmering time, I came up with this simple plan:  royal blue solid blocks alternating with 1.5" finished patchwork square blocks. 


And, guess what?  I like it!  It's easy.  It uses up way more scraps.  And, it doesn't even requires a tutorial! 


Our blocks are each going to finish 6" square, a cute little size for a cute little kid's quilt.  

Simple patchwork quilt design

Happy New Years, friends! 

I'm tossing you some fabric confetti!