Toasty Teal winners!

Happy Friday!  I'm popping in to congratulate the winners of our Toasty Teal mosaic contest, who will be receiving their mosaics in fat quarters from Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory soon!  They are:

This colorful piece by Alta Kitty.  Her mosaic takes Toasty Teal to the rainbow, while somehow maintaining a strong teal + warm colors vibe.  I admire the combination of medium, dusty teal with dramatic dark teal.  Lovely and glowing!

And our second winner is Toasty Teal by Life of Megan Anne.  I have a soft spot for peach and maybe you do too, given your votes!  A touch of peach and flame orange go a long way in this collection of lovely blues from aqua through teal and into deep midnight.  Such a lovely range of value too.

Congratulations, ladies!  I'll be in touch.

To those whose mosaics didn't win any prizes, cheers to you for participating!  Making a mosaic is a simple color escape that nurtures your inner sense of design.  Color is completely personal and my choices of finalists are so very subjective.  Don't let this contest quiet your inner voice.  May you love the colors you love now and everyday!

Rachel Hauser5 Comments