Toasty Teal: a mosaic contest

Slow down a minute, my friend, and ponder with me in color.

Teal is made for autumn.  Its saturated hue is mysterious and deep, reflecting back the darkening skies still filled with dying color.  Teal exaggerates each toasty autumnal shade, from flaming rust to peachy blush. Like the sunrise in a wide sky, the pairing turns our head.

In teal all the earthy warmth of autumn is beautifully met.  Copper sparkles, shimmers, shines, a holiday in the making.

Shifting softer now.  As the leaves fall and the warmth all leaks away, teal and peach whisper in romantic undertones.  Quietly, just hints of warmth.  Almost nude.

Then teal awaits spring's rebirth, when blushing cheeks and tender blooms bring color back into the world.  Toasty Teal is born anew, young and freshly pinked. 

No matter the season, teal's deep watery ways pair beautifully with warm leaf and flower hues.  Bring your rust, bring your copper, bring your peach, bring your blush.  Create your Toasty Teal mosaic for our fabric challenge!

Carefully craft your mosaic of 9 fabrics from among the offerings at Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory.  Choose fabrics to express your interpretation of Toasty Teal.

Once you have chosen your fabrics, use Mosaic Maker, BeFunky or the photo collage tool of your choice to create your mosaic.  Save images from Bobbie Lou's then upload them to a collage maker to create a mosaic of 9 fabrics total.

To enter the contest, add your mosaic image to our collection here.  If it suits you, link to a blog post or Instagram capture explaining your choices - that helps us spread the word about our contest.  Anyone can enter, anywhere in the world.

Add your mosaic by midnight December 10th.  You can make up to 2 mosaics!  On Monday the 11th, I'll open voting.  We'll have two winners!  The 2 Top Mosaics will earn a complete fat quarter set of their mosaic fabrics!!!  Winners announced December 14th.