Rainbow Falls patchwork quilt


My latest finish is an exuberant rainbow scrap quilt with a lush, cuddly backing.  This throw quilt ate up about half of my medium-sized scraps.  Hurrah!  The stacked coin design accommodates a range of scrap sizes and really showcases the scattering of novelty prints like owls, hearts, goldfish and tigers.  I'm really pleased!


In fact, I was so pleased that I used some brown cotton velvet and an autumnal fox print on cuddle fabric for the quilt back. It's sooo soft, and I imagine will be nice and warm as well.  I look forward to sending it off to a new home soon, fingers crossed. 

Rainbow Falls is listed in my shop today.


I quilted each coin column with free motion loops.  The wider columns donned continuous eight quilting, while the narrow ones adopted simple loops or tall/short loops.  The already-defined columns made quick work of this quilting job.

She's bound with a Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley stripe I've been hoarding.  It's plum and pumpkin hues married so well with the autumnal flavor of the quilt back.  And, of course, everything goes with the quilt front!  That's the magic of a rainbow!