the Craft Show Series
the Craft Show Series , right? Seriously, you all have been incredible! Whether you're looking for craft show tips for your craft show You know I would never have had the guts to exhibit in a craft show if it wasn't for you guys
Craft Show {the Experience}
Oh dear, where to start? For one, I'm very glad I jumped in and tried the craft show experience Craft Show {the Experience} glad that Indie Craft Parade is a 3-day show. That was key for me. I had invested almost $500 in craft show
Craft Shows Are... so. much. fun.
Craft Shows Are... so. much. fun. craft show
Craft Show {Booth Mock Up}
Craft Show {Booth Mock Up} , September's arrival means it's craft show time. I'm leaving on Friday morning to drive to Greenville with my craft show, since our red one is looking dingy to me. And then I felt kind of shallow about that and craft show sometimes have a bum craft show. So, it's totally possible that things won't go well for me. I don't
Craft Show {Pricing}
craft show is just an experiment for me - part fun and part wishful thinking that I could create an craft shows were my primary crafty income stream, I'd have to do that. But, as it is I'm doing this craft show gig as an "aside" to my real business, which is online as a blogger and teacher. This craft show much safer to try a craft show close to home to minimize overhead if I were starting up a make-to registration fees for the craft show, hotel fees (it's too far to drive each day), gas, food, new business Craft Show {Pricing}
Craft Show {All the Little Details}
your help! Your advice has been invaluable on so many of these craft show posts!!! So, if you're planning to be a vendor at a craft show there are all these little details to Craft Show {All the Little Details} craft show
Call me crazy!
Yep, it's official. I'm crazy. I had been thinking, "When I finish Handstitched Class, I should really take it easy for awhile. No big events. I need a break!" And then, when I heard about participating as a vender at the Indie Craft Parade, a very cool craft show in Greenville, SC, my good intentions met their doom. Being in a craft show just sounds so... fun. And the event falls right before my birthday. It would be like a birthday present to myself, right? Oh, and I could share the entire process with you? Surely, that's a win-win? All of those question marks are in acknowledgement of the logical errors therein. I know with my brain that doing a craft show is a ton of work with financial considerations. But, my heart is like a kid envisioning that idealistic summer lemonade stand. It's all fruity like that. Oh, and there are pennents at the Indie Craft Parade. Those are almost as good as ric rac. image courtesy of Indie Craft Parade So, I applied just to get the decision off my mind and found out early this week that I'm in. There was a token day or two that I let pass before paying my vender fee, but really, I knew I was hopeless. Here are the official details: *Indie Craft Parade runs September 7-9 in Greenville, SC to the tune of thousands of guests. Tickets to get in for the Friday night Gala are $25. Admission is free on Saturday and Sunday. *I'll be bringing a variety of items I've made for classes and magazines that I've been storing away for about a year with the vague thought of doing a craft show someday. If I enjoy this process (and actually sell stuff), I may do the Indie Craft Parade each year as my annual unloading event. This will free me up to create without that nagging "who is this for?" feeling. *I'll also be making about 50 new items in specific categories that I hope will be marketable. I chose things that I like to make anyways and that allow me creative expression like baby quilts and journal covers. I'll share more details about my inventory strategy in a later post. *I have to design a booth! Holy molly, this is the scariest part! How to display all these items, how to tag them, what about a sign, background, bags? There are lots of questions here. I've already done some brainstorming and I bet you'll help too! Ok, what do you think? I know that I'm crazy (see opening statements), but haven't you ever dreamed of doing a craft show? Don't you think it would be fun? Later when I admit that I'm feeling totally overwhelmed or if I don't sell hardly anything you can say "I told you so" but for now, dream a little with me? Also, if you have questions, go ahead and ask them. I'm looking forward to sharing the behind the scenes on craft show prep. As a serious newbie, it's sure to be amusing, if not educational! craft show
Craft Show {Booth Design}
Craft Show {Booth Design} When I was considering signing up for the Indie Craft Parade back in June, booth design was my biggest obstacle. I know I can make stuff. I know I can sell stuff (I have a retail background). But could I design a booth I'd be proud of... on a budget? In my (very limited) experience at cool craft shows, booth design makes a big impact on my desire to look closer at someone's goods. What's more, a fun booth is likely to draw me back, because the memorable experience is imprinted on me as I continue to browse the fair. I know a booth should also express my brand, so people can see at a glance what I'm about and feel "at home" if they ever visit the blog. That and it needs to be affordable, portable, and successful at actually presenting my products. Oi. Booth Parameters Ok, so step one... what do I have to work with? I found out that the Indie Craft Parade generally only allows walk-by booths, rather than walk-in. My booth is 8' long. I can choose to have an 8' table separating me from the customer traffic or a 4' table and a "vertical" display area (like a tall shelf or rolling rack). The booth is about 4' deep from my side of the table to the black cloth partitions defining my space. I can only hang light items on the partition. And, anything hanging there is out of reach of customers, involving my participation for their access. image courtesy of Indie Craft Parade I know from experience that the walkways at Indie Craft Parade are packed with people. This no-entry booth requirement keeps traffic flowing, which might be a challenge. I want a booth that isn't easy to pass by. Product Needs Before I could get down to the business of designing a booth, I had to figure out what I'd be selling. In my Inventory Planning post, I explained my thought process in choosing products. Limiting myself to a few key product types gives my booth design focus. For example, I want to try to sell those baby quilts, but my product range is not all about quilts. I expect my covered journals to be my strongest category, so I started by deciding how to present them - in a basket of sorts on a table. Then I figured the table would also be good for iPad sleeves, coasters and the misc. small items from my "finished projects" cabinet. But, everything won't work on a table. Folded and stacked quilts are too easy to pass by. (And, I imagine I'd be refolding them all day.) Wall art needs to be hung. I want to have some picnic blankets (aka lightweight summer quilts) rolled up to show off their tidy, ready-to-travel persona. But, open picnic blankets are far more fun to explore. So She Sews booth The solution? I opted for the 4' table for my table top items; a rolling rack to hang baby quilts, a few open picnic blankets and large misc. projects; and a backdrop on which I can also hang wall art. The rolling rack + table arrangement was largely inspired by this lovely boot. But, I won't have tall items on the table or the tall mannequin, so my backdrop will still be visible as a place to hang wall art. Aesthetic Ok, the fun part! What does my "brand" look like anyway? Well, if you look through my blog with an eye for the details, you'd see I often photograph colorful products on a dark wood table. In my blog header, I often place "Stitched in Color" over a dark section of the photograph with the text in white and yellow. Generally, I sew with lots of color. And, I make things with fabric. Yep, fabric is important! Boiled down, I wanted to incorporate: fabric, color and wood. Right away, I set my heart on a wooden sign. My husband is a hobbyist woodworker, so we already have the tools and even the wood stain to make a dark wooden sign. Heather volunteered to paint "Stitched in Color" on it. All I'd have to buy is one piece of pine! After surfing the internet for booth ideas (check out the Indie Craft Parade pictures) I envisioned a wall of fabric strips with the wooden sign floating in front. Enter Kona jelly rolls! Robert Kaufman's Kona jelly rolls have 2.5" wide by 4" long strips of solid fabrics with fray-resistant pinked edges. Two rolls of the new Kona colors is a great assortment of modern colors with lots of neutrals too. I did "edit" the color collection, using only the limey green and none of the purples. I had strips left over in most colors, but used all of the yellow, limey green, gray and whites. I love color, so I enjoyed laying out the strips in a pleasing order that reflects my personal taste in colors. (New Color Jelly Rolls available here and here.) In the end I think it turned out brighter than I might have liked, but at least it'll be eye catching. That's sure. Besides the background, my "aesthetic" is reflected in bits and pieces. I'll use a large cut of natural linen with pinked edges as a tablecloth. Wooden hangers and natural baskets will enhance a "natural" vibe. Only the rolling rack will be shiny metal. I resisted that, but we already own a rolling rack from our maternity and baby online stores, so it's practical to use what's on hand craft show
iPad in Summerlove
, particularly the Ginger print, so when the craft show was a "go" I moved quickly. (It's also quite craft show
Craft Show {Inventory Planning}
were to sell their physical selves at a craft show it would just be icing on the cake. That and it hate seeing things I've made sitting in a dark cupboard. Maybe a craft show will be a way of giving Craft Show {Inventory Planning} First things first - Inventory Planning. The idea to try out a craft show needled its way into my said, I really think I'm doing the craft show mainly for fun. I may sell items that are already craft show lady" moment. I'll be sure to report on how that part progresses! craft show
Craft Show {in favor of Goals}
the craft show. And it all came rushing out. I realized that I wasn't feeling ready because I Craft Show {in favor of Goals} the craft show) in favor of an endless make-make-make (don't stop making), keep-making approach craft show Last week I was stuck. I kept asking myself what I should make next for the craft show, but
Vintage Sweet
blocking out the whole project. Oops.) Now that I've completed a few things, I think I can focus on Craft Show again for about a week and half before I need to do any other projects. So, for starters... a craft show ! right now I'll get back at a few other craft show projects in the works, including a background I can't True Confession: I've been in a craft show slump. I just don't feel like I've been making enough
Typewriters anyone?
craft show
Berry Picking Picnic Blanket
craft show You guys are the best! Thanks sooooooo much for your insights on the Craft Show Pricing post
a little Patchwork Style
craft show
the Last
craft show
Craft Show {from Scrap}
Craft Show {from Scrap} craft show making things for the craft show! Woo-hoo. As of Wednesday last week I had 22 items for the show
freshly stocked
keep them on Etsy, so today I added some quilts I had been saving for a someday-craft-show. Probably won't do a craft show again, if Etsy keeps working. It's just more convenient this way! I listed
. I definitely prefer to make quilts for someone, not for selling (maybe) someday at a craft show in
Rainbow Tilt-a-whirl
my gift/craft show pile. I think next September I'm going to have enough for another craft show.... if I dare!
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