the Craft Show Series
the Craft Show Series , right? Seriously, you all have been incredible! Whether you're looking for craft show tips for your craft show You know I would never have had the guts to exhibit in a craft show if it wasn't for you guys
Craft Show {the Experience}
Oh dear, where to start? For one, I'm very glad I jumped in and tried the craft show experience Craft Show {the Experience} glad that Indie Craft Parade is a 3-day show. That was key for me. I had invested almost $500 in craft show
Craft Shows Are... so. much. fun.
Craft Shows Are... so. much. fun. craft show
Craft Show {Booth Mock Up}
Craft Show {Booth Mock Up} , September's arrival means it's craft show time. I'm leaving on Friday morning to drive to Greenville with my craft show, since our red one is looking dingy to me. And then I felt kind of shallow about that and craft show sometimes have a bum craft show. So, it's totally possible that things won't go well for me. I don't
Call me crazy!
participating as a vender at the Indie Craft Parade, a very cool craft show in Greenville, SC, my good intentions met their doom. Being in a craft show just sounds so... fun. And the event falls right acknowledgement of the logical errors therein. I know with my brain that doing a craft show is a ton of work ever dreamed of doing a craft show? Don't you think it would be fun? Later when I admit that I'm craft show about a year with the vague thought of doing a craft show someday. If I enjoy this process (and
Craft Show {All the Little Details}
your help! Your advice has been invaluable on so many of these craft show posts!!! So, if you're planning to be a vendor at a craft show there are all these little details to Craft Show {All the Little Details} craft show
Craft Show {Pricing}
Pricing is an artist's worst nightmare. The same price can feel both too high (presumptuous) and too low (degrading) all at the same time. Pricing works for sell means I have to find an actual, literal number that matches my personal value of the item and another's perceived value. And "they" are likely to be blissfully unaware of time and materials costs. What to do? I admire crafters who feel called to "educate" the masses about time and materials costs with pricing standards that pay the maker a living wage. But, I'm definitely not there yet (hides under desk). If making for Etsy or craft shows were my primary crafty income stream, I'd have to do that. But, as it is I'm doing this craft show gig as an "aside" to my real business, which is online as a blogger and teacher. This craft show is just an experiment for me - part fun and part wishful thinking that I could create an exit point for the surplus of items I make year to year. Every item I make specifically for the show has a dual purpose - to sell and to be provide fun blog fodder! This puts me in a unique position to have a somewhat built-in profit margin. That doesn't mean that I can price items however I want... but I wanted to point out that it gives me more freedom that someone who defines their crafty business as make-to-sell. from Quirky and Quaint on Etsy Ok, so what's my pricing formula? Materials + Time + Padding = Price Materials - That's the easiest to figure out if you've saved a few receipts! Some items, like the journal covers and iPad sleeves only require $5 or so of materials. Other items, like the picnic blankets, require an astounding $80 worth of supplies. Yikes. Time - This really varies, but I've made my best estimates. I'll be pricing most inventory categories (covered journals, baby quilts, etc.) one standard price, because shoppers are generally mistrusting and/or confused by too much variety in pricing. So, even though one journal cover may have taken 3 hours of my time and another a mere 30 minutes, I came up with an average for each category. In the case of journal covers, I'm estimating 2 hours each. I've decided to charge $10 an hour for my time. That's less than I would ever normally work for, but it's the most I feel I can charge AND this is not my "main" business. Padding - Nope, this isn't about profit; this is about expenses! Between registration fees for the craft show, hotel fees (it's too far to drive each day), gas, food, new business cards, etc. I expect to spend about $500 on "overhead" expenses. This is pricey! It would have been much safer to try a craft show close to home to minimize overhead if I were starting up a make-to-sale business, for example. My heart was set on this show, because I know it is highly trafficked with modern shoppers. I don't really have a set percentage or dollar amount for the "padding", but I'm trying to work it in! My Prices Publishing these is making me cringe! I'll start off by saying that my original pricing plans were a good bit lower, but after crunching the numbers I knew it was completely irresponsible to go so low. My friend Heather is my craft show consultant. Every Monday night when she comes over to hand stitch with me, I pelt her with questions and ideas. She reminded me to think about the things I've purchased at craft shows over the years. I paid more than I would normally pay for a necklace, for example, because it was handmade, one-of-a-kind and I felt good about supporting the artist. So, gulp, I hope people feel the same way about my work! Also, looking at it this way makes me feel even more urgent to make the very best things I can! Covered Journals - Since this category is probably my strongest, setting this price first gives perspective for the others. $4 materials + $20 time + $8 padding = $32. This category has a generous portion of overhead padding expenses because it is the category I'm counting on to actually sell and to cover those expenses. If I don't plan to make my money here to cover my expenses, I'm basically planning to fail. Heather (I blame/credit her!) suggests I actually start with a slightly higher price on the first day and then switch to $28 if I feel price is a barrier. I'm planning to take that tactic since this is a 3-day show. Picnic Blankets - Unlike the covered journals, this category has low time (relatively) and high materials (20 fat quarters and 3 yards for backing). $80 materials + $45 time + $5 padding = $130. I wanted to sell these for $85, but that would be disgraceful given the materials cost. Of course I wonder if people will pay so much for a picnic blanket! This is the category where pricing concerns me most. Wall art - I won't walk you through all the categories, but this is one that's different. My wall art prices will vary, according both to the size of the art and the complexity of the design. People view "art" quite differently than a commodity item like a journal cover. They expect something "better" to be more expensive. They look to see how much time it probably took to make it, taking time to appreciate details. Plus, they realize wall art in stores is craft show Craft Show {Pricing}
Craft Show {Inventory Planning}
were to sell their physical selves at a craft show it would just be icing on the cake. That and it hate seeing things I've made sitting in a dark cupboard. Maybe a craft show will be a way of giving Craft Show {Inventory Planning} First things first - Inventory Planning. The idea to try out a craft show needled its way into my said, I really think I'm doing the craft show mainly for fun. I may sell items that are already craft show lady" moment. I'll be sure to report on how that part progresses! craft show
Craft Show {Booth Design}
shows, booth design makes a big impact on my desire to look closer at someone's goods. What's more Craft Show {Booth Design} craft show could I design a booth I'd be proud of... on a budget? In my (very limited) experience at cool craft
iPad in Summerlove
, particularly the Ginger print, so when the craft show was a "go" I moved quickly. (It's also quite craft show
freshly stocked
keep them on Etsy, so today I added some quilts I had been saving for a someday-craft-show. Probably won't do a craft show again, if Etsy keeps working. It's just more convenient this way! I listed
Craft Show {in favor of Goals}
the craft show. And it all came rushing out. I realized that I wasn't feeling ready because I Craft Show {in favor of Goals} the craft show) in favor of an endless make-make-make (don't stop making), keep-making approach craft show Last week I was stuck. I kept asking myself what I should make next for the craft show, but
Typewriters anyone?
craft show
Vintage Sweet
blocking out the whole project. Oops.) Now that I've completed a few things, I think I can focus on Craft Show again for about a week and half before I need to do any other projects. So, for starters... a craft show ! right now I'll get back at a few other craft show projects in the works, including a background I can't True Confession: I've been in a craft show slump. I just don't feel like I've been making enough
. I definitely prefer to make quilts for someone, not for selling (maybe) someday at a craft show in
Rainbow Tilt-a-whirl
my gift/craft show pile. I think next September I'm going to have enough for another craft show.... if I dare!
a little Patchwork Style
craft show
the Last
craft show
Craft Show {from Scrap}
Craft Show {from Scrap} craft show making things for the craft show! Woo-hoo. As of Wednesday last week I had 22 items for the show
Berry Picking Picnic Blanket
craft show You guys are the best! Thanks sooooooo much for your insights on the Craft Show Pricing post
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