Edge to Edge quilting

Edge to Edge quilting

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All-over quilting applies one quilting pattern continuously across the quilt, edge-to-edge.  The pattern becomes a lovely background texture.


All-over quilten betekent dat er een quilt patroon wordt gebruikt dat van rand tot rand, continue doorloopt over de gehele quilt. Het quilt patroon zorgt voor een sierlijke achtergrond structuur.


Please click "add to cart" and fill out the project pop-up form. You may choose a quilting design from our Design CatalogOr, I am happy to recommend a quilting pattern after seeing your quilt top in person.  

Quilter's Dream Select Natural batting is included.  If you prefer white batting, add this upgrade to your order. 

Thank you for choosing Stitched in Color!

Quilt Size:
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Measure your quilt's length and width.  Then, multiple length x width to yield square inches. 

For example, a 60" x 70" quilt is 4200 square inches because 60 x 70 = 4200.  For this quilt, you would select the option "up to 5000 sq. in."