How does mail order machine quilting work?  Here is our process. 

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Place Order

To start the process, Order your quilting service.  Choose all-over or custom quilting, then your quilt's size.  After pressing "Add to Cart", a pop-up form will ask you to describe your project and quilting ideas.  Not sure? I am happy to provide quilting recommendations after I receive your quilt.  

Prepare Your Quilt

Carefully prepare your quilt top and backing for shipment:

  • Press all seams thoroughly.

  • Square the quilt top and backing, as needed.

  • Check that the backing is at least 20 cm larger than the quilt top both vertically and horizontally. For example, a 150 x 170 cm quilt requires a 170 x 190 cm backing.

  • Remove loose threads.

  • Fold each piece separately for shipment.

  • If you prefer to send your own batting, it should be at least 10 cm larger than the quilt top both vertically and horizontally.

  • Include a copy of your order confirmation email.

Ship to Us

Stitched in Color

I ship and receive packages from all carriers via a DHL pickup box.  Your package is secure, safe from weather or theft.  Ship to:

I recommend that you enclose your quilt in a plastic bag, such as a kitchen trash bag, and then ship it in a sturdy box. 


When your quilt arrives, I hang your quilt and backing to discourage wrinkling.  Your printed email confirmation identifies your project.

I will contact you via email to confirm arrival and offer my suggestions for quilting, if applicable. When your quilting plan is finalized, your quilt will be scheduled for service.  You will receive email confirmation of this quilting date.

the Quilting

Most projects are completed in one or two days!  I will consult any notes you included on the project form, when ordering quilting services.

When the quilting is complete I will trim the edges, removing excess batting and backing or leave the edges untrimmed, depending upon your project form instructions.  Large cuts of excess, unquilted fabric are returned to you.  I do not provide binding services.

It's Back!

Now, this is the best part!  Once quilting is complete, your quilt is folded with care and tucked into our special shipping box.  This is shipped promptly by DHL, which includes €500 insurance.  You can follow your quilt's progress with the tracking number included in your shipping confirmation email.  

When your quilt arrives, I hope you'll be so very pleased!  If things aren't as expected, please let me know how I can improve.  If you are perfectly delighted, I hope you'll pass our name on to your quilty friends.  

Thank you for choosing Stitched in Color!

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