Color Intensive Coursebook

Color Intensive Coursebook


Ready to improve your skills for choosing colors and fabrics for sewing projects? Color Intensive is a workshop specifically for sewists.  Inspiration, theory and practical application will bring your understanding of color and fabric to a whole new level.

This workshop is an experience, not a "do" list.  I want to teach to you see what I see and to give you a rich new vocabulary for color.  The language of color is critical, because what we cannot describe we cannot fully know, recreate and transform.  Above all, I want you to move to a place where color expression in fabric is instinctual and joyful and personally authentic.

Workshop Content

Just like dancers spend time warming up, you need to have a comfort level with color so that you can create more freely when sewing.  Our workshop will explore these 5 themes:

::Color Emotions::  discern Warm vs. Cool colors, the impact of Seasonal Palettes and how Color Psychology can enrich our work.

::Color Theory::  understand the Color Wheel, Analogous, Complementary and Triadic color relationships, discover how to make Rainbow Blends and all the different Types of Rainbows.

::Neutrals::  strategies for choosing Black, White, Brown or Gray, about Shades vs. Tints, the impact of Value and how to make interesting Monochromatic works.

::Color Mixing::  how Context affects color, creating a Color Story, getting the Right Ratios, how to Source and Process Inspiration.

::Working in Cloth::  stashing Helpful Fabrics, avoiding Limiting Prints, what are Key Ingredients in a lively fabric pull, how to Create a Balanced and Refined collection for a large project.

Each lesson includes actual fabric and sewn examples to demonstrate these color concepts in a very tangible way.  When it comes to color, we're all visual learners!

Assignment are designed to take you further, with practical application in fabric. Three of these projects suggest you do some sewing, while the other 2 do not. Sometimes just arranging and evaluating fabrics provides more time to learn about color than actually sewing

Alongside "lecture" posts on the above themes, Color Intensives includes my Color Catalog.  The Color Catalog is a visual collection of my favorite color schemes, color by color, with 4 delectable fabric groupings in every main color:  pink, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue and purple.  Anytime you need a quick color pick-me-up or are searching for an idea that includes a particular color, you can refer back to the Color Catalog to jump start your projects!

Also included with Color Intensive is my popular Ikat Quilt pattern!

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